Deity | 2000mg CBD Oil (CBD Oil 20%)

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  • 100% Natural & Lab-Tested
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Broad-Spectrum – 0% THC
  • Naturally Occurring Terpenes
  • 2000mg/20% CBD Oil
  • Product of the UK
  • Free DPD/Royal Mail shipping (mainland UK)


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Broad-Spectrum High Strength
2000mg / 20% CBD Oil (10ml)


Do you want the Deity of all CBD oils!? We have it right here. At 20% / 2000mg CBD content, Deity is currently our highest strength oil and also our most likely to make you feel godly.
Deity’s superior terpene-rich formula has been produced using organic MCT oil, which is a fractioned version of Coconut oil. MCT’s are a perfect energy source and are absorbed by the body (along with the CBD) at lightning speed. It is one of the most efficient delivery systems of CBD we know. We followed the science on this one; while the stronger CBD oils cannot benefit so much from the Entourage Effect, we needed to give the cannabinoids that extra boost of power – a 2000mg CBD Hemp oil simply cannot compete!

Highest strength.
Highest purity.

For our highest-strength oil, we knew we’d need a name that matches its majesty. It’s clean & potent formulation makes it one of the purest, most effective high-strength CBD tinctures you’ll find. 

It is produced to the standards required of medical tinctures and is certified THC free*. 

Potent – Pure – Effective. 

100% natural & effective formulation

Independently 3rd Party Lab Tested

Free shipping & DPD delivery options

More About Our 2000MG CBD Oil

Each 10ml bottle contains:

Cannabis Sativa L Oil made with Hemp Extract, organic coconut derived MCT Oil & natural plant terpenes.

This product is classified as ‘THC Free’).

Produced in an ISO9001 & BRCGS approved facility.

ORAL USE: Take 1-2 drops twice a day (in the morning, in the evening) and hold under the tongue for 1 minute before swallowing.

TOPICAL USE: Place onto the skin and gently massage for 1-2 minutes

If you are taking prescribed or regular medication you should consult a trusted medical professional before starting a course of cannabis food supplements.

Do not stop taking medication to replace it with CBD. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing.




It can be said that full-spectrum is the most effective formulation of cannabinoid products, but the major drawback of this kind of CBD oil, is down to the fact it contains THC. 

THC is the psychoactive component of hemp and many feel uncomfortable about this cannabinoid being present. 

Broad Spectrum oils solve this problem by their very nature. They still retain wide range of minor cannabinoids, without the presence of THC. 

For more information, you can see our blog about the difference between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum and Isolated CBD. 

MCT oil from organic coconut oil is one of the healthiest substances on earth. Although it is saturated fat, Coconut/MCT oil has been associated with a mind-boggling amount of well-being benefits.

Medium Chain Triglycerides are a fatty acid chain which provides a perfect energy source for the human body. They are long enough to provide a great deal of energy and short enough to be broken down without requiring energy from the body. This means that MCT oil is absorbed super quickly into the body- and when CBD is added, the CBD is absorbed super effectively and efficiently too.  MCT can be found in two forms -caprylic and capric acid… or a mix of the two and is found to be an instant energy source for body and mind. So… it is pretty damn good for you! 

MCT oil is almost tasteless and therefore, ensures that a CBD oil produced with MCT is much more palatable than an oil produced with Hemp oil.

The elements that will give this oil its flavour are the natural plant terpenes found in the hemp extract. This flavour may be extremely subtle or light, depending on the batch.

The flavour you should expect is a slight floral bitterness or an oil that is almost tasteless. 

The products that are sold on this website are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. The statements made on this website are not audited by the FSA.

Generally, CBD does not affect most drugs or medicines, however, there are a few that can be affected by the compound. Cannabinoids are not alone as a natural substance that can affect the liver- things like Grapefruit, Watercress, St John Wort and Goldenseal do the same. 

If you are taking prescribed or regular medication you should consult a trusted medical professional before starting a course of CBD food supplements. Do not stop taking medication to replace it with CBD. 

Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing.

Our 2000mg CBD Oil (20%) product is by far the strongest oil that we produce.

It packs a punch and is found to be much more effective than most other high strength CBD oil formulas on the market. We have thought long and hard about this one. While many of our other oils are produced using a Hemp extract, and Hemp seed oil, we’ve decided to give this oil a boost. The oil is produced using a terpene rich broad spectrum extract and organic coconut derived MCT oil

The oil starts it’s life in the USA where the hemp (cannabis Sativa L.) is grown and subjected to C02 extraction where the essential cannabinoids and phytochemicals are drawn out. The extract is then shipped to the UK where it is mixed with oil over a number of days in a state of the art facility in Edinburgh. 

We feel that we should keep our oils as close to nature as we can- this brings unrivalled potency.

Dose & Usage

Each person’s perfect dose is different. It all depends on how your body absorbs and uses the cannabinoids.

Each bottle contains roughly 200 drops and therefore each drop contains an estimated 10mg of Cannabinoids.

We recommend that you take 1 – 2 drops twice daily. Hold the oil under your tongue for 1 minute before swallowing with a whole glass of water.

Your dose is personal. Start small, and increase your dose slowly until you get the dose that is right for you. 

What is CBD?

CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a beneficial compound found and derived from Hemp.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound called a (phyto)cannabinoid which attaches to a network of receptors in our bodies called the Endocannabinoid System. 

CBD has been considered legal in the UK since ​2016, and is derived from Sativa L hemp strains. 

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

Our bodies produce our own cannabinoids, called (Endo)cannabinoids. Our network of receptors use cannabinoids during part of the process of supporting homeostasis which is the process where our body attempts to maintain a safe and stable internal environment, despite changes to our external environment (for example, shivering when our bodies become cold). 

When we consume Phytocannabinoids, they interact with the network of receptors much more powerfully than the cannabinoids we produce ourselves. They can help supplement a lack of endocannabinoids and offer a huge array of benefits for our body.

To learn more about the Endocannabinoid System or Homeostasis, click the links. 

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