Deity | 2000mg CBD Oil (CBD Oil 20%)

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  • 100% Natural & Lab-Tested
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Broad-Spectrum – 0% THC
  • Naturally Occurring Terpenes
  • 2000mg/20% CBD Oil
  • Product of the UK
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20%/ 2000mg CBD Oil | High Strength (10ml)

The Supreme Being

Do you want the Deity of all CBD oils!? We have it right here. At 20% / 2000mg CBD content, Deity is currently our highest strength oil and also our most likely to make you feel godly. This’ll blow the cobwebs out (and then some).
Deity’s superior terpene-rich formula has been produced using MCT oil which is fractioned from Coconut oil. MCT’s are a perfect energy source for the human body and is absorbed (along with the CBD) at lighting speed. It is one of the most efficient delivery systems of CBD we know of. We followed the science on this one; while the high strength CBD oils cannot benefit so much from the Entourage Effect, we need to give the cannabinoids that extra boost of power – a 2000mg hemp oil simply cannot compete!
Every single one of our CBD oils has been produced with love in the UK to the highest market standards.
20% of the Profits made from this product is donated to CALMzone.
  • Organic, 100% Natural & Lab-tested

  • Vegan-Friendly

  • Broad-Spectrum – CBD & CBG – 0% THC

  • Rapid Absorption

  • Natural Plant Terpenes

  • Light, Silky Taste

  • 2000mg / 20% CBD Oil

  • Product of the UK


This super high strength 20% CBD oil can be used in a wide variety of ways however, we think the most effective way to take this CBD product is as follows:
  1. Take 1-3 drops twice a day (in the morning, in the evening) and hold under the tongue for 1 minute before swallowing
  2. For topical use: Place onto the skin and gently massage for 1-2 minutes.

Price Per 5mgs: 23p



Each 10ml bottle of 2000mg CBD oil contains: Cannabis Sativa L. CBD Oil made with 100% Hemp Flower Extract & organic MCT Oil base. This CBD Oil contains a high level of CBD, a smaller amount of CBG and trace levels of other cannabinoids such as CBC. There are roughly 200 drops in a bottle which means that there are roughly 10mg of cannabinoids in every drop. This product contains 0% THC.

Produced in an ISO9001 & BRCGS approved facility. 

How is Our CBD Oil 20% Produced?

Our 2000mg CBD Oil (20%) product is by far the strongest oil that we produce.

It packs a punch and is found to be much more effective than most other high strength CBD oil formulas on the market. We have thought long and hard about this one. While many of our other oils are produced using a Hemp extract, and Hemp seed oil, we’ve decided to give this oil a boost. The oil is produced using a terpene rich broad spectrum extract and organic coconut derived MCT oil

The oil starts it’s life in the USA where the hemp (cannabis Sativa L.) is grown and subjected to C02 extraction where the essential cannabinoids and phytochemicals are drawn out. The extract is then shipped to the UK where it is mixed with oil over a number of days in a state of the art facility in Edinburgh. 

We feel that we should keep our oils as close to nature as we can- this brings unrivalled potency.

Nutritional Value

MCT oil from organic coconut oil is one of the healthiest substances on earth. Although it is saturated fat, Coconut/MCT oil has been associated with a mind-boggling amount of well-being benefits. Medium Chain Triglycerides are a fatty acid chain which provides a perfect energy source for the human body. They are long enough to provide a great deal of energy and short enough to be broken down without requiring energy from the body. This means that MCT oil is absorbed super quickly into the body- and when CBD is added, the CBD is absorbed super effectively and efficiently too.  MCT can be found in two forms -caprylic and capric acid… or a mix of the two and is found to be an instant energy source for body and mind. So… it is pretty damn good for you! The best 2000mg / 20% CBD Oil. 


It is recommended you should not take CBD if you are taking prescribed or regular medication, however, you should consult a trusted medical professional if you are committed to starting a course of CBD food supplements. Do not stop taking medication to replace it with CBD. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing. 

This product contains less than 0.2% THC

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15 reviews for Deity | 2000mg CBD Oil (CBD Oil 20%)

  1. John

    Second bottle and won’t be my last.
    The reassuring taste, the quality of the oil combined with the benefits this brings is second to none.
    Genuine sellers who look after their customers and others by way of charitable donations should be applauded.
    I use this along with the hemp paste and what a difference this has made to overall well-being and mental fitness.
    My girlfriend brought CBdiablo to my attention and I’ll be forever grateful. Keep up the sterling work guys

  2. Jamie

    Really good!

  3. DOUG Brown

    Tried different types of cbd oil in the recent passed.

    H&B type stuff… Just wasn’t the strength I needed
    Blessed was a little too expensive

    So tried these lads and was extremely impressed.

    Smooth and easy delivery service ✅
    Personal note ✅
    Well packaged ✅
    Good online feedback ✅
    Price v quality ✅

    2000mg is a pleasant surprise as the liquid is clear
    And there is nearly no earthy taste like
    most other similar products.

    Will definitely be ordering more in the future .

    Btw it took alot of research to find Cbdiablo as it wasn’t a top hit in Google

  4. Joe

    Absolutely superb in every single aspect. Cannot recommend these guys enough. 10/10 customer service; 10/10 packaging and personalisation 10/10; everything was simply perfect. Thanks again guys!

  5. Martin

    Excellent products and service from a great company. A personal touch mixed with a passion for their craft makes CBDiablo hard to beat. The best CBD I’ve tried.

  6. Sam

    Really happy with my purchase, thank you CBDiablo, loved the little note inside too!
    Best wishes
    Sam xx

  7. Stuart

    I have been using CBD for sometime and these guys make the best.

  8. Nell

    This is my third bottle of CBDiety and I prefer it to other brands in this concentration. The taste is strong but grows on you. Delivery is always prompt. And they donate to charity and clearly take pride in their products. I’ll continue to order from them.

  9. Richie A

    I bought the 2000mg and after taking a drop or two in about 5 minutes I got this amazing tingling in my forehead. My sleep was so deep and relaxing and even after waking up I felt so relaxed and carefree that I needed extra coffee to get myself together.
    The taste is rather raw, herbal, medicinal,earthy and some what invigorating with the perfect blend of the goodness of MCT oil.
    Customer service is superb. The guys reply right away, they are approachable and friendly.
    Only objection I have is the dropper. The oil just spills out so quick and I end up losing precious oil so please guys if possible modify the dropper.
    To sum it up I loved the CBD so much that hooked my mum and 60 year old grandma with some too.

  10. Jonathan

    Sometimes you are just not able to say a thing, because the powers that decide those things are’nt even looking at them.
    Fantastic service….prompt delivery, lovely little bottle in a very nice hessian sack…or is that a hemp sack? Also the dropper reaches right down to the bottom of the bottle so you do’nt waste any of this precious fluid.
    Not that it has anything to do with this product but I would like to report that I’m sleeping better and have a greater sense of wellbeing, focus and some of the everyday niggles of getting on in life while doing a physical job……have gone away.
    Well Done CBDiablo

  11. Neil

    Quick delivery, personal note, CBDiety is excellent and I’ve grown to like the earthy taste. I feel it has a grounding affect on me. Also they give 20% of their profits to charity – a *good business model :).

  12. Riccardo

    Tastes great and works even better!

  13. Philippe C

    great products! Great communication with Ian and quickly delivered. Highly recommended

  14. Luke Hinds

    As someone who knows CBD oil well and has tried many of the more well known brands, I can confidently say that CBDiablo is hands down the best quality oil you will ever source.

    I have never met anyone as passionate about CBD as
    Ian & Sam who run CBDiablo. These are not just folks turning over a business, they are obsessed with sourcing and providing the best possible CBD they can. Super nice guys as well if you ever need support and with hearts in the right place as they donate a big chunk of their profits to a mental health charity.

    I honestly can’t take an other oil now, they just don’t have whatever blend it is that the CBDiablo guys have going on.

  15. Carlos

    just what i was looking for. excellent product and very well priced. Will buy again. Totally recommended!

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