How Does MCT Oil work With CBD?

CBD MCT Oil is quite frankly an amazing combination. True, CBD and MCT are very acronym heavy but don’t let you put that off. Once you know what you’re dealing with you will also be sold. Trust us. 

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the compound we all know and love and MCT, also known as a Medium-Chain Triglyceride, is a type of fatty acid that is a perfect energy source for the human body. This is why CBD MCT oil is the chosen CBD supplement for athletes, body builders and those who are passionate about giving themselves the cutting edge to get ahead! Seriously, this stuff could unlock the potential you may yet achieve. 

Buy Organic CBD MCT Oil UK

Yes, we have fantastic organic CBD MCT oils that are fractioned from Coconut and completely organic. They are light tasting, easy to consume and are rapidly abosrbed into the bloodstream. If you are here simply for MCT oil, then consider trying a CBD alternative- you will feel the difference. 

Organic CBD MCT oil is almost scentless, has a clean and neutral taste and packs a huge cannabinoid punch. If you aren’t fond of the strong hempy taste of the Hemp Seed oils or CBD paste, you should buy organic CBD MCT oil. Our oils are 100% natural, Lab-tested and are produced right here in the UK. Here is a top tip- for a powerful & cost effective CBD MCT Oil you can add our El Tenedor Del Diablo to a non-MCT Oil of your choice to make your own CBD tincture!

What is MCT Oil?

Our MCT oil, in very basic terms, is a fractured and refined version of Coconut oil. Unless you are already aware, Coconut oil is one of the healthiest substances on earth. Yes, it is a ‘saturated fat‘ source but it is a misconception that all saturated fats are unhealthy and with moderation Coconut oil has a mind boggling array of health and well being benefits.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (you’ll need to get your chemistry hat on for this bit) are found in large numbers in Coconut oil, Palm oil and grass fed dairy products. They are a fatty acid chain which provide a perfect energy source for the human body. They are long enough to provide a great deal of energy, and short enough to be broken down without requiring energy from the body. This means that MCT oil is absorbed super quickly into the body- and when CBD is added, the CBD is absorbed super effectively and efficiently too. 

MCT can be found in two forms -caprylic and capric acid… or a mix of the two. MCT is found to have a mind bending range of well-being benefits- maybe the longest list of well-being benefits that we have found. A little like Melatonin.

About Our Organic MCT UK

Are you one of those people who hates the long faces you have to pull when you take Hemp Oil? Well we were thinking specifically of you when we were developing these products. The oil that we use is from a fractioned version of Coconut, and has an almost completely neutral flavour; there is only a hint of Hemp! Unlike hemp oil, the Coconut oils are smooth, easy to consume and do not feel like they burn the back of your throat. You will see in the picture below how clear and pure the oil is. 

Our two strongest CBD Oils- the 1500mg (Dian) and the 2000mg (Deity) have both been produced using an MCT base. As CBD oils become stronger, it becomes difficult to retain all of the Cannabinoids which make the oils Full-Spectrum and therefore, they do not take so much advantage of the Entourage Effect. So, we needed to give the cannabinoids an extra boost- we did this by giving them a carrier oil that is absorbed super quickly into the body.

It isn’t by accident that we have sourced the finest organic MCT Oil UK and combined it with full spectrum cannabis extract. Whether you are from London, Glasgow or elsewhere, we can ship our MCT oils directly to your door. 

The Perfect CBD Oil for Body Builders & Athletes

If you are a hard-core fitness person then you will already have heard of MCT – it is one of the most popular natural supplements out there. But, I bet you have only recently become acquainted with CBD MCT oil – if that is the case you have found the right place. 

There is no better CBD oil for body builders & athletes than an MCT oil UK. CBD works by supporting the Endocannabinoid System, a network of receptors which we all have in our bodies. The ECS’s job is to regulate the body’s healthy function and achieve homeosasis; this process is extremely important to our general well-being, but especially so for those pushing their bodies to it’s limits. The maintanence of your bodies well-being is invaluable to atheletes, body builders and the likes.

As a body builder or a serious athlete, you will be pushing your body to the limit at all times, and the margins are fine between illness and injury. Your ECS will need all it can take to keep your body healthy and protected. Recovery is essential for reaching the peak of any sport.

 Imagine combining the benefits of the MCT oil UK with the benefits of CBD? Now you’re talking!

Organic MCT OIl Infused with the Power of CBD!