Dian | 1500mg CBD Oil (15% CBD)

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  • 100% Natural & Lab-Tested
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Broad-Spectrum – 0% THC
  • Plant Terpenes
  • Product of the UK
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Rise & Shine

15% / 1500mg Terpene-Rich CBD Oil (10ml)

Time to rise and shine. If a chocomachiatto with sprinkles isn’t enough to get you feeling ready for the day, our CBDian will help you break out your rut. This CBD oil has been named after the Celtic god, Dian Cecht, who is a patron of healing and vitality. This is a reasonably strong oil that will pack a punch but won’t leave you floored. Here is a fun fact- did you know that your body produces cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) when you enjoy the sun? So let Dian be your sunshine!
Dian’s superior terpene-rich formula has been produced using organic MCT oil, which is a fractioned version of Coconut oil. MCT’s are a perfect energy source and are absorbed by the body (along with the CBD) at lighting speed. It is one of the most efficient delivery systems of CBD we know. We followed the science on this one; while the stronger CBD oils cannot benefit so much from the Entourage Effect, we needed to give the cannabinoids that extra boost of power – a 1500mg CBD Hemp oil simply cannot compete!
Every single one of our 15% / 1500mg CBD Oils has been bottled with love in the UK to the highest market standards. Whether you are from Aberdeen, Glasgow or London, we offer shipping options for any order in the UK, & EU.
20% of the Profits made from this product is donated to CALMzone.


  • Organic, 100% Natural & Lab-tested

  • Vegan-Friendly

  • Broad-Spectrum- CBD & CBG – 0% THC

  • Rapid Absorption

  • Natural Plant Terpenes

  • Light & Clear Taste

  • 15% / 1500mg CBD Oil

  • Product of the UK


This 15% / 1500mg CBD Oil can be used in a wide variety of ways however, we think the most effective way to take this CBD product is as follows:
  1. Take 1-4 drops twice a day (in the morning, in the evening) and hold under the tongue for 1 minute before swallowing
  2. For topical use: Place onto the skin and gently massage for 1-2 minutes.


Each 10ml bottle contains: Cannabis Sativa L Oil made with 100% Hemp Flower Extract (using Co2 extraction methods) & organic MCT Oil base. This 15% / 1500mg CBD Oil contains a high level of CBD, a smaller amount of CBG and trace levels of other cannabinoids such as CBC. There are roughly 200 drops in a bottle which means that there are roughly 7.5mg of cannabinoids in every drop. This product contains >0% THC (level of THC is less than 0.02% and is therefore classified as ‘THC Free’). Produced in an ISO9001 & BRCGS approved facility.

Nutritional Value

MCT oil from organic coconut oil is one of the healthiest substances on earth. Although it is saturated fat, Coconut/MCT oil has been associated with a mind-boggling amount of well-being benefits. Medium Chain Triglycerides are a fatty acid chain which provides a perfect energy source for the human body. They are long enough to provide a great deal of energy and short enough to be broken down without requiring energy from the body. This means that MCT oil is absorbed super quickly into the body- and when CBD is added, the CBD is absorbed super effectively and efficiently too.  MCT can be found in two forms -caprylic and capric acid… or a mix of the two and is found to be an instant energy source for body and mind. So… it is pretty damn good for you! The best 1500mg / 15% CBD Oil from Glasgow to London.


It is recommended you should not take CBD if you are taking prescribed or regular medication, however, you should consult a trusted medical professional if you are committed to starting a course of CBD food supplements. Do not stop taking medication to replace it with CBD. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing.

This product contains less than 0.2% THC
 If Dian is not for you, check out our 500mg Dina, 1000mg Diablo2000mg Deity.

15% / 1500mg CBD Oil

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8 reviews for Dian | 1500mg CBD Oil (15% CBD)

  1. Andrew

    Excellent service as always. Thanks guys.
    Love the taste and texture of CBDIAN … I have tried various types and strengths in past 6 months and I get huge benefits from this one.

  2. Robert

    Good price, good product, good service. will buy again

  3. Andrew

    Easy to order.
    Prompt delivery.
    Informed website.
    Above all personal and great customer service.
    Thanks guys.

  4. Dylan

    Amazing product with amazing customer service. For the first time in a long time I wake up with energy thanks to a better nights sleep.

    I really did get a kick out of the option to request a cartoon on your delivery, thank you Ian and Sam ??

    One thing I’d request. Is design T-shirt’s that people would actually want to wear. Sure I’d wear it around the house under a hoodie because the quality is really good but what’s the point in printing your name on and email on it if no one will wear it out. Get creative. Make it cool, people might actually buy them = more free advertising

  5. James

    This stuff is the real deal, look no further when scanning the vast sea of subpar CBD oils out there on the web.

  6. Adam

    Great product, delivered promptly

  7. Andrew M

    Really sound communication, quality product and a good price, and they donate part of their profits to a mental health charity which is admirable for a company so young. Only quibble is that standard delivery is a bit slow but just plan ahead a bit and you’ll be fiiiiiine. Have purchased 1 of the 10% and 2 of the 15% (which is the same price as many other brands 10% oils), and will be purchasing again. Wish these guys all the best!

  8. Finn

    A great oil, well priced and tastes good

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