Our Story

We're still an independent company from Edinburgh.

Hell-bent on providing the highest quality CBD for your body & mind
while making a difference to the world around us.

Our company was established in 2019, but our story started long before then, during our teenage years. We both struggled with our own pesky demons (covered in the Manchester Evening News) and it inspired us to create a business that could support a mission close to our hearts: mental wellbeing. 

Fast forward – through a few years of ups and downs – and we find ourselves as two burned-out self-employed digital internet geeks who came into the world of CBD by chance. 

We learned a lot about Cannabis, CBD & Hemp from our work and (after doing some experimentation with CBD) we quickly remembered how it felt to feel ‘normal’ again (welcome back unbroken sleep!). 

It was at this point, our company was established, just after CBD was legalised in the UK. 


CBD faces many challenges – it is a compound that is associated with Cannabis (bad) but also has huge potential as a formidable force for good. Still today, a stigma follows CBD.

Our branding is purposely a paradox. We wanted to say:“Look! Look past the surface and you’ll find a whole lot of good in here!”

We set out to go against the grain, to do better and be different. Always be bold and (most importantly) sometimes just have fun!

With the help of our customers over the years, we have produced and perfected unquestionably high-quality & uniquely effective CBD products to support both body & mind

It is a great point of pride to say that we have become one of the highest-rated and recommended UK CBD companies on Trustpilot and across the internet so, we must be onto something!

Ian & Sam





What makes our CBD different?

We started our company with the sole aim of supporting those struggling with their mental well-being (via donations to CALMzone) – so our products needed to be the highest possible quality and effectiveness. We’ve put a lot of love into what we do. 

All of our oil products are independently 3rd party-tested, they are free from additives*, preservatives*, GMO* and cruelty-free*. Our packaging is also sustainably sourced, recyclable or biodegradable. 


If you have any questions for us – just shout!

100% natural, effective formulations

From day one, we set out to create CBD products of the highest quality & effectiveness. We use 100% natural ingredients, and synergistic formulations.

Everything is 3rd Party Lab Tested

As standard, before it hits the shelves, our CBD products are tested in a lab. We can ensure that our oils contain what we say they do, and are free from anything that may ruin anybody's day.

Sustainable Packaging (for our 🌏)

Not caring about the environment is a little bit like not caring that your house is filling up with toxic gas. We have replaced as much of our packaging as we can with biodegradable pouches and recyclable materials (including delivery packaging).

What makes us different?

Our mission goes way beyond CBD. Our key focus as a business is to promote what we call the ‘rule of three: the health of body, mind and tribe. We strongly believe that there are three key elements to our mission that we value as people and as a company. 

Our body is what keeps us moving and living life to it’s fullest. We are innovating and producing supplements and nutrition to support a healthy body & mind. 

Our minds and mental well-being is fundamental to how well we live our lives. We are always innovating to think about how to bring a little bit of cheer and communicate better ways to access mental well-being. 

Our ‘tribe’ is the people we live our lives with, the communities around us and people we love and cherish. As part of this, we are actively involved in supporting local sports clubs and donating to charity. 

You've helped us raise Over £30,000 for CALMzone.

Life gets tough. For all of us. 

Like us, you may be seeing the worrying, and growing, lack of community and social cohesion. Aggravated by the global epidemic, social conflicts and global values (or lack of) that are being propagated by social media and an emerging ‘global culture’.

We are all feeling more isolated, lonelyfearful, uncertain, more anxious and completely hopelessWe are all part of a generation who feel as though we have no agency or control over our own lives, so it is no coincidence that suicide is now the biggest killer of people under 35 in the UK [particularly within men].

In 2021 the suicide rate in England and Wales was 10.7 deaths per 100,000 people, which was an increase from 10 deaths per 100,000 people in 2020. In Scotland, that number is 13.7.

With every purchase, you are directly supporting CALMzone and funding their vital suicide prevention phone line service.

Whether you are feeling down, or know somebody who is, they are there to support you. 


We all have our Demons:
Talk! It helps.

Edinburgh Eagles

One of our combined dreams was to sponsor a sports team, particularly a rugby team (More coming with Daemon Power). 

We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to become the main sponsor of the Edinburgh Eagles Rugby League team. Our initial sponsorship will be for two seasons, however, we look to continue to invest into the team for as long as we can. 

Edinburgh Eagles is a community Rugby League team in Edinburgh with huge ambitions in the Scottish, and Northern English leagues. The team is supported by a network of volunteers, players and core staff. We’re so proud to be able to say we have been able to become the main sponsor and help the team thrive. Our investment in the team has become personal. 

Rugby is a sport that offers a community space for those who struggle with their mental health, and this has become even clearer after conversations with the players. We aim to work alongside the players to develop CBD products to aid their performance, and support projects which aim to maintain their well-being during their rugby careers. 

We’re really excited to be part of the Eagles journey and looking forward to watching the whole club grow. 

We aim to provide something that is effective and of traceable & provable supremacy. The Deity of all CBD oil in the UK. A supreme being. 

Currently you can choose from 500mg/5% CBD oil (Dina) & Full Spectrum 1000mg/10% CBD oil (Diablo) full spectrum hemp seed oils, 1500mg/15% CBD oil (Dian) and 2000mg/20% CBD oil (Deity) 

CBD in MCT oil and a raw hemp extract paste. We’ll also soon be releasing CBD capsules/pills , CBD Concentrates, Edibles and we just added THC free CBD sprays (2.5% , 5% & 7.5%)

Finally a range of vape products: a full spectrum CBD Vape pen/ cartridge kit & a CBD crumble