Diablo | 1000mg Hemp CBD Oil (CBD Oil 10%)

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  • 100% Natural & Lab-Tested
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Raw & Full-Spectrum – CBD, CBG, CBC (Legal THC Levels)
  • Naturally Occurring Terpenes
  • 1000mg/10% CBD Oil
  • Product of the UK
  • Discreet Packaging


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Relinquish Your Demons

1000mg / 10% CBD Oil (10ml) | Raw & Full-Spectrum

Diablo, 1000mg CBD (10%), is our most popular product and stands as our flagship oil.

Whether you’re new to CBD or just looking for a solid Raw & full-spectrum tincture to keep your Endocannabinoid System ticking over, you cannot go wrong with this exceptional tincture. 

We have put a lot of time and love into this one. Diablo’s 1000mg raw & full-spectrum formula has been designed to take full advantage of the entourage effect. We have used an organic hemp seed oil base, a CBD distillate (using CO2 Extraction) and raw hemp extract to ensure each bottle contains a high percentage naturally occurring phyto-cannabinoids (including CBDa & CBG) terpenes and Omega 3, 6 & 9 beneficial fatty acids. All the Hemp love your body needs: we’re so proud of it that we put our name on it.  

20% of the profits made from your purchase is donated to CALMzone.
  • Organically Grown Pesticide Free European Hemp

  • 100% Natural & Lab-tested

  • Phyto Power= Vegan Friendly

  • Raw & Full-Spectrum – Contains CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBC & Legal THC Levels

  • 1000mg CBD Oil (10%)

  • Contains Naturally Occurring Terpenes

  • Packed Full Of Hemp Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids

  • Produced & Bottled In The UK

Diablo 1000mg


This raw 1000mg CBD oil can be used in a wide variety of ways however, we think the most effective way to take this product is as follows:
  1. Take 1-4 drops twice a day (in the morning, in the evening) and hold under the tongue for 1 minute before swallowing. This oil is raw & unrefined to take advantage of everything in the hemp plant that makes it so good for us, so Diablo has a strong taste that some love, but others hate. It may be advised to wash down the oil with some water. Let’s be honest, what is good for us doesn’t always taste like sunshine and rainbows!
  2. For topical use: Place onto the skin and gently massage for 1-2 minutes

Price Per 5mgs: 28p


Ingredients- 100% Natural Hemp

Each 10ml bottle contains: Cannabis Sativa L. Oil made with 100% natural hemp extract & hemp-seed oil. Each bottle contains roughly 200 drops and therefore each drop contains an estimated 5mg of Cannabinoids. This product contains legal THC levels. 

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Hemp Extract (Raw Full-Spectrum)

Produced in an ISO9001 & BRCGS approved facility. 

How is Our Oil Produced?

Our 1000mg CBD Oil 10% product is by far the most popular oil that we produce. It packs a punch and is found to be much more effective than most other formulas out there. What makes our formula different is the production method – rather than refining the hemp plant down to a distillate (which remove the other beneficial phytochemicals) we would rather the oil contain everything which makes the plant so special. It is a fact that each of these compounds work to enhance and regulate each other; this is known as the entourage effect. It means that our oil can be naturally full-spectrum.

The oil starts it’s life in the EU where the hemp (cannabis Sativa L.) is grown. The hemp is then subjected to C02 extraction where the essential cannabinoids and phytochemicals are drawn out. The extract is then shipped to the UK where it is mixed with oil, and a broad-spectrum Cannabinoid distillate over a number of days in a state of the art facility in Edinburgh. 

We feel that we should keep our oils as close to nature as we can- this brings unrivalled potency. 

Nutritional Value

Hemp oil in itself has a vast array of benefits to your health; the whole Seed itself is 49% edible oil which contains 75% essential healthy fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids, including Lauric Acid & gamma-linolenic acid, are found in high concentrations in the oil and have been connected with amazing well-being benefits. Omega 3 can also be found in Hemp oil, which has been connected to an even wider range of health benefits.

To add to that, Hemp oil contains a low level of saturated fats, nothing but goodness in the old hemp oil

Can I Use CBD with my medication?

The products that are sold on this website are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. The statements made on this website are not audited by the FSA.

Generally, CBD does not affect most drugs or medicines, however, there are a few that can be affected by the compound. Cannabinoids are not alone as a natural substance that can affect the liver- things like Grapefruit, Watercress, St John Wort and Goldenseal do the same. 


If you are taking prescribed or regular medication you should consult a trusted medical professional before starting a course of cannabis food supplements. Do not stop taking medication to replace it with CBD. Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing.




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37 reviews for Diablo | 1000mg Hemp CBD Oil (CBD Oil 10%)

  1. Nat (verified owner)

    Best CBD oil out there and very kind and helpful team. Thank you, will definitely order again!

  2. Kat

    Great product fast delivery thank you very much

  3. Suzi

    The best CBD oil I’ve tried!
    Percentage of profits go to mental health charity, that’s one the reasons I decided on CBDiablo products. I can genuinely say the CBDiablo oil is amazing and better than I’d even expected!
    If you’re looking for a good full spectrum CBD oil, give this a go and I think you’ll be smiling……✨😁

  4. SuziQ (verified owner)

    I’m in love! Speedy delivery. Brilliant pamphlet with information all about CBD and some sciency stuff, but very interesting. Lovely handwritten card, makes me feel part of a CBD family 😁. The fact that percentage of profits goes to help people who suffer with mental “health” is awesome and that’s what cinched it for me as I can relate.
    I find the oil tastes lovely and I can feel it’s benefits after only one day! 🤩 Thank you cbdiablo.

  5. kevin_downey

    Only been using it a few days, great product

  6. Wayne Parsons (verified owner)

    Ordered on Sunday night and delivered Tuesday morning! I took ages to research different brands and strengths and decided I wanted a full spectrum CBD oil. For the strength I ordered these are competitively priced somewhere in the middle.

    Really nice touch with the packaging, nice little sack to keep your oil in and came with a handwritten note and some sweets.

    The reason I wanted to try it out was to help with my anxiety. So when I saw a percentage of profits were given to a mental health charity that swayed it for me. Now how has it worked so far? It’s still early days but I think it is helping in a number of areas. 1) I have come off sleeping pills completely after being on them for 3 months. Still get a good nights sleep and no grogginess in the morning. 2) I feel slightly calmer in the mornings 3) The biggest and unintended benefit – I had chronic pain in both my knees for past 3 weeks, it was really bothering me, It was starting to affect my mobility and in my 30s this was worrying me. There were no signs of them getting better, within 3 days of taking 3 drops twice a day I had zero pain in my knees this was unbelievable and not even the reason I purchased it for.

    Absolutely will be a repeat customer.

  7. Lee Robinson (verified owner)

    1st time ordering from this company
    Really pleased with my oil
    Only taken it for 2 days now and so far so good even if it’s too soon to tell
    My oil came with a nice handwritten note and 2 little packs of sweets which both are a nice touch
    Will definitely order again when my oil runs out
    Thanks again guys keep up the good work!

  8. Malachy McElroy (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this CBD oil. It’s the best I’ve had. Been using for over a year since having an operation and through my recovery. Helped me with pain and anxiety. Take every morning and night and helps me to relax.

  9. James Clarke (verified owner)

    Great product (full spectrum) and super fast delivery (with updates on the delivery too). It also came with a free pack of gummies too which I was very pleased with!
    Great custom service as well, as they answered my question very quick!

    Would definitely recommend and will be using again!

  10. Chris Smith (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure ordering from here. Never had an issue. Quality is spot on <3

  11. John

    Superb Full Spectrum oil and excellent personalised customer service. Future custom assured

  12. Genevieve

    CBDdiablo is a high quality product! After a few weeks of taking the 10% CBD doses I could already feel the improvements in my life. I also bought the 15% doses and the product is as advertised. I would highly recommend this brand for its transparency, philosophy and quality.

  13. LilyB

    Amazing company to deal with! Loved everything from their easy-to-navigate and clear website right through to speed and delivery of my order. The friendly and personal touch given to each order is great, I loved the postcard with the personal message, the cute little bag and mini sweets that came with it. The fact that they also donate to CALM was another attraction, as I’m always happy to support small, independent businesses that do a little bit for charity. Its always the small things that seem to make the most impact.

    The quality of the oil is superb (I bought the 1000mg). I’ve tried a few different brands and this one is by far, the most exceptional. The price was extremely good value for money compared to some other brands I’ve looked at and tried.

    Its excellent that CBDiablo let you see the lab results for their products on their website, as its really important to know that as a consumer of CBD, you are buying a genuine oil that hasn’t been overly refined, or actually has very little CBD content, or is an oil made up of other oils that you can’t tell for sure if its really CBD.

    CBDiablo have found a loyal customer in me and I won’t purchase my CBD products from anywhere else now 🙂

  14. John

    I’m new to CBD and went for ‘Diablo’ so far so good. Website very helpful in making decisions on what to go for, very efficient delivery, paid the £3 for 1st class and it arrived within a couple of days. Love the personalised touch of hand written notes. Overall very impressed, look forward to trying other products.

  15. Jonathon

    Amazing product and customer service! Done wonders improving not only my sleep but mild anxiety as well. Only thing I can think of improving is the bottle, it could do with being a little bit more transparent, so I know when to buy more. Other than that, its perfect and I have recommended you guys to anyone that would listen!

  16. Alan

    From start to finish and positive and polished experience. Just like their high quality products.

    Having tried 2 brands previously, diablo is by far the most effective. I purchased the paste and 10mg oil. I’m using either or depending on the day. It has helped unbelievably with my overall well-being.

    The quality is exceptional and should be a benchmark from which to judge any other rival product. None come close.

    Keep doing what you are doing regarding quality and consistency and I will be a loyal customer.

    Fantastic products.

  17. Joanne

    This is the best cbd oil I have tried.
    It always arrives promtly with a handwritten thank you, which is a nice touch!

  18. Tom

    CBDiablo is the best cbd company in the UK they leave personal touches like a hand written note and sweets with the really good CBD oil. It’s so underrated and I hope the guys get noticed a lot more. -Tom&Tia

  19. Middlemiss

    Half the price of the competition. And the product is twice as good. Not diluted with additives goes much further. They even included some free drops, sweets and a personal message. Instant relief

  20. James (verified owner)

    Excellent product, does the job, best I’ve had, will continue to buy – cheers lads!

  21. kevinmclennan (verified owner)

    Was hesitant to try CBD oil at first but wanted to give it a try as I’ve heard it helps with anxiety and sleeping. I noticed a change and when taken regulalry it really helped with both of these issues.

  22. Tom

    Tried the 10pc diablo stuff. It’s very dark, strong in flavour and almost tarry in consistency…. in other words rather different to the typical preparations out there. I didn’t realise it’s a kind of raw mix, so with cbda and cbd. Think I rather like it, certainly seems quite effective in small quantities and the way I use it. Nicely packaged and sent quickly and securely.


    Product was top quality, and I enjoyed chatting to the owners over email too. Very personable and helpful, and even add a small handwritten note inside each order. My new go-to place for CBD.

  24. Mick D

    Good communication and swift delivery. Drops smell lovely. New to CBD so can’t compare.

  25. Tao

    The Diablo oil is amazing, I was surprised by how quickly it works. Our oil was delivered quickly and we were very impressed with the team who supported us and even drew a little comic. Loved the personal touches. Thank you!

  26. jamie

    Great product, highly recommendable.

  27. Hrvoje

    Don’t remember when was the last time I got a handwritten note of thank you. Great product and great service. You got a loyal customer…a

  28. Nina

    Great shop, product and packaging.

  29. Michael

    So far,VERYGOOD!!

  30. Jim

    Really great product and well priced compared to other similar products. Fast delivery and I loved the little hessian sack packaging that it came in.

  31. Lisa

    Amazing service- so fast and discreet delivery as requested. Delivered very fast

  32. Cane

    Came quick, impressive CBD Product

  33. Rebecca

    Haven’t tried the product yet but brilliant customer service, it arrived very quickly and looks very professional.

  34. Tina

    Quick delivery nice packaging and a little personal note gives it that personal touch…refreshing that good service still exists!!

  35. Robert

    Good quick delivery and good product

  36. A Manson (verified owner)

    Good quality oil at a good price – does the trick, might even try one of the stronger ones next time. First class service as well. Their take on mental health and mindfulness is refreshing too. Recommended!

  37. Ian Penman

    Thanks guys for an excellent product

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