Liposomal Vs Regular (Water-Soluble) Supplements

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Water-Soluble vs Liposomal Supplements (Vitamin C & Multivitamins)

Food Supplements are for sure a way of life now.

Whether you heard about them on a trip to the doctors, or you have been converted by a Joe Rogan podcast, food supplements have long been considered an essential part of your daily wellness routine; just as important as brushing your teeth.

While a balanced diet is absolutely essential for getting all the essential nutrients and fatty acids, there is only so much you can fit into a morning health smoothy. This opens the door to a food supplement or two.

While there are a mind-bending array of health supplements out there (including Neurotropic mushrooms, Omega fats, Cannabinoids like CBD and even Algae) the most common you can find, often in the supermarket, are Vitamin C and a Multivitamin Complex. Whether you prefer a tablet, a juice shot or an effervescent tablet the vitamins are delivered via a water-soluble formula. One of the most well-acknowledged disadvantages of a water-soluble vitamin is its Bioavailability (or lack of) – which is why Liposomal Supplements are becoming increasingly popular across the pond in the states (and the technology is being used in medicine).

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So, what is the difference between a regular water-soluble supplement and a Liposomal supplement?

What Makes a Liposomal Supplement Different?

The crux of this blog post is really the battle between a substance that is ‘water-soluble’ and one which is ‘fat-soluble’. Each substance is absorbed differently by our body which ultimately determines how effective the absorption process is.

Let’s use Vitamin C as an example as it is a naturally water-soluble substance. When you eat food which is naturally rich in Vitamin C (like an orange) or drink a water-based supplement the Vitamin is absorbed into our cells via a transporter called SCV2 – but this transporter can only deliver so much and our body only needs a small amount at once. This means that there will be a lot of spare Vitamin C sloshing about – until it leaves our body in the form of rather expensive urine.

In short – it means that if you take 2 1000mg tablets of vitamin C, you will absorb the same amount as if you had one – the rest is peed out.

A Liposomal supplement is designed slightly differently to increase our body’s ability to absorb and retail the Vitamins which are naturally water-soluble by changing the delivery system to be absorbed as if it were fat.

In very simple terms, Liposomes are microscopic bubbles (which resemble Phospholipids which can be found in human breast milk) of fat which encase the valuable substance. Rather than being absorbed as a liquid, the Liposomes are absorbed into the small intestine very quickly and effectively into the bloodstream. There are plenty of scientific studies which find that the levels of (for example) Vitamin C are much, much higher after consuming a Liposomal Supplement, rather than one that is water-soluble.

To add to that, the Liposomal bubbles protect the valuable Vitamin C from the harsh digestive tract and do not need to use the SCV2 transporter to enter the cell, as their structure already mirrors the format of the membrane in the cell. It results in an almost unrivalled delivery system of a Vitamin directly into our cells. Overall, it means that the amount of Vitamin C used by ur body is greatly increased. While exactly how much more effective the Liposomal supplement is, some sources claim up to 5x more effective – also stating that regular supplements are 20% effective, while Liposomal supplements are up to 90%.

So Let us summarise these points:

  • Increased Absorption into the Blood Stream
  • Protects Valuable Nutrient from Digestive System
  • More Bioavailability on a Celular Level
  • Less Waste (Less means way more)

This is particularly exciting for a number of demographics- including the over 60s who struggle to absorb traditional forms of supplements.

Liposome technology is so effective that it is being used as a delivery system for certain medical drugs. Very exciting. Find below and nice little image which gives you a better idea how the Liposomes work:

In Short, The Liposomal supplements are much more effective than the regular Vitamin supplements that can be purchased at the supermarket. So if you are looking for way more bang for your buck, then you should absolutely invest in a Liposomal supplement. You can find a whole range of these advanced supplements online – while these supplements are a little more expensive than the alternative, they are absolutely worth it!

Liposomal CBD

This is where things get exciting. 

The one thing we can say about our body is that is particularly rubbish at processing CBD. Cannabinoids in general are not particularly bioavailable. 

CBD struggles to enter the body because it is not water-soluble and cannot enter our cells very easily. 

Unless the CBD is absorbed via the sublingual gland, the CBD is processed via our digestive system and liver. Only a small amount of CBD is absorbed by the body and the rest bounces around, becoming damaged and wasted.

Cannabinoids happily bind to fat though. So it wraps itself inside the phospholipids nice and snug. 

The real benefit of Liposomal CBD is that the cannabinoid compounds are protected while they enter our tummies. Some research suggests that the presence of ‘lecithin’ (found in most Liposomal formuals) helps to ‘smooth’ out the fatty cannabinoid compounds, making them easier to process. 

The result? There will be a high concentration of CBD in your body for longer, and less waste. 

While the jury is still out on exactly how effective these are, there is no doubt that a Liposomal CBD supplement goes further. Some studies suggest that the CBD is absorbed 4x – 5x better. When you try a supplement like this, you will see that it comes on quicker, and stronger. 

Almost everybody who tries a Liposomal CBD formula notices the difference.