While you may be still be able to get a CBD pillowcase, the CBD oil is still (and most likely will be) the mac-daddy. It is the most popular form of CBD and is usually where those who are new to Cannabinoids start their journey. It is understandable that if you are reading this page, you are still none-the wiser as to why some CBD oils are so different to others, and what CBD oil actually is? Hopefully, you will leave this page with a little more information than when you arrived.


We are CBDiablo – a CBD company who have taken it upon ourselves to try and do CBD differently. Our approach is to be open and honest, and make sure that the star of the show is what is in the bottle, not what is on the label!


 We also stand to support mental health by giving 20% of our profits to CALMzone, just for the hell of it. So read on for our comprehensive guide to CBD oil.


What is a CBD Oil?

In very basic terms, a ‘CBD tincture or oil’ is a base oil (like hemp seed oil, olive oil etc…) that has a large concentration of CBD in it. Production methods for these products can vary wildly and the finished products can be worlds apart. 



There are some oils which are thin, clear and light tasting, others that are thick, dark and taste like the soil in the garden… then some in-between. This is all down to the way they have been produced: from a hemp extract, a distilate, or a mixture of the two.


We will not be covering ‘CBD isolate’ oils as they are not considered a safe edible substance by the FSA; we will not be selling this kind of oil so you do not need to worry about it!

Raw Hemp Extract

Hemp extracts are the traditional form of CBD oils. They require mixing a whole plant hemp paste with a carrier oil (you can even do this at home). These oils are thick, dark and strong tasting, but the benefits of these oils is that they contain all of the naturally occurring unsung heroes that make a good CBD oil, great. These oils are strong with the synergetic entourage effect!


More often than not, these oils are also ‘full spectrum’ but we can go into that in a little later and weaker oils. 


full spectrum cbd oil


A CBD distilate is a much more refined version of the hemp extract- it is where the valuable cannabinoids (and terpenes) are extracted to leave most of the plant matter behind. This is a much cleaner oil that contain only the valuable compounds. 


Due to the clearer taste, and ‘purity’ of the oil, many companies much prefer this method of production. A distillate is very handy when it comes to producing stronger oils and those that do not contain THC! More often than not, Distillate CBD oils are ‘broad spectrum’. 


Full-Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?


The meaning behind a Full- Spectrum CBD oil UK (like our 10% Diablo) is often confused. A Full-spectrum oil is one which contains a wide range of phytochemicals and cannabinoids including THC. This type of oil is considered superior to others as they take full advantage of the entourage effect. 


To us, there is no question that ‘whole plant’ oils are vastly superior to others- it is why many CBD oils are mis-sold as ‘Full-Spectrum’ when they are not. Lab reports are a great way to find out what cannabinoids are in your CBD tincture!


Full-spectrum oils are generally on the lower end of strength (from 2% / 200mg up to 5%/ 500mg & 10% / 1000mg). Anything above the 1000mg mark should be considered carefully as it is likely be a broad spectrum oil.


Broad Spectrum CBD oils are generally produced from distillates and only contain a small range of cannabinoids & phytochemicals which exclude THC


With the way that regulation is going, Broad-Spectrum oils may be the future of the CBD oil market. Broad spectrum CBD oils are great for those who do not wish to consume the psychoactive THC compound and are very often much lighter in taste and texture. 


Due to the production methods (and current THC regulations) the highest strength oils are ‘broad spectrum’ and do not contain as wide a range of cannabinoids. 


Broad-spectrum oils can be any strength- from 2.5% all the way up to 15% / 1500mgs & 20% / 2000mg. There is a lot of love for a broad-spectrum MCT CBD oil!

MCT Oil Vs CBD Hemp Oil

The two most popular carrier oils for a CBD tincture are ‘Hemp Seed Oil’ and ‘MCT’ oils:


Hemp Seed oil: We use Hemp Seed oil for our whole plant oils as we are really passionate about the synergetic effects of cannabis oils, and hemp seed oil and hemp extract have an affinity of obvious reasons. The oil made from hemp is packed with a whole range of goodness including omega 3 & 6 which are slightly different to those which are found in fish. It is a really rich and versatile oil which has been proven to have a huge amount of positive well-being outcomes. The only real drawback is the taste 🙁 


MCT Oil: MCT’s are medium length fatty acid chains which can be sourced from Coconuts, Palm or grass fed dairy. They are one of the most effective delivery systems of energy to our body and are therefore absorbed very quickly by our body. These fatty-acid chains are not only a great energy source, but they have a mind bending array of well-being outcomes that make MCT the choice for many athletes, runners or body builders. These oils are really light in texture and taste, so are popular with those who do not like strong flavours.