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Unleash the water gods! Coming Soon!

What if we told you that some bright spark has managed to make water soluble CBD which is completely natural, contains natural terpenes and a broad range of cannabinoids? Well, the dream is a reality and there is plenty of water soluble CBD to go around. What makes these cannabinoid products so great is their near perfect bioavailability and how quickly they are absorbed into the blood stream. 

Why water soluble cannabinoids are becoming so popular is down to the fact that they are discrete, easy to consume, taste great compared to a CBD oil and can be put in a water bottle to sip on throughout the day. 

Our Water Soluble Cannabinoid Drops

Our water soluble formula has been designed to be as natural as possible- it contains a broad range of Cannabinoids & are Terpene rich to ensure that they are uniquely effective. Not only that, its superior formula means that it is 10 times more effective than other CBD delivery methods- fantastic right!? Our unique formula presents the CBD in an ‘active’ state, so it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream with almost perfect bioavailability. 

Everything we do is organic, lab-tested, 100% natural and bottled right here in the UK…. are you excited? We are- but hold your horses just for the moment. We are developing our fantastic range of water soluble CBD products as we speak so in the mean time check out our:

Whole plant & full spectrum Hemp Oils, supercharged CBD MCT oil & a powerful raw whole plant paste

Choose from 500mg1000mg1500mg 2000mg CBD Oils and Raw CBD paste

Benefits Water Soluble CBD UK

There are many benefits of water soluble cannabinoid products. When we compare them to other CBD products out there- such as the CBD oils & CBD pastes, it is very clear that there is a huge advantage to being able to add the CBD molecules to water. 

The one you will notice first, is the taste. The taste of the water soluble drops is much cleaner than the whole plant, or MCT base oils. It is almost creamy and sweet. When added to water, you can detect a very slight hint of the cannabinoids but this can be mitigated by adding a slice of cucumber or juice (not citrus). The water soluble drops do not need to only be added to water either- the drops can be added to veg juices and are perfect for that warm cup of herbal tea. 

By digging into the science a little bit, you will find that our water soluble CBD drops are absorbed very easily into the body due to their ‘active’ state. Due to the production, and its ability to dissolved in water, means that the CBD is absorbed with near perfect bioavailability. It means that these products only need to be consumed once per day, and they offer huge bang for your buck. The our water soluble CBD UK products are 10x more effective than alternative, CBD products! 

Finally, water soluble CBD drops are also ideal for putting in a water bottle and sipping during the day. Whether you are trying to drink more water at work, go for a long run or hit the gym, these products are ideal for keeping your cannabinoid levels topped up when you need them most.


How to use Water Based CBD?

Simply put: taking CBD really does not get any more simple than this. All you need to do is add a couple of drops into a glass, or bottle of water. That is about it. As simple as that. 

If you prefer, you can also very easily add the CBD to a morning cup of coffee/ breakfast tea, or to a nice warm herbal tea before bed. Lovely!

We would however, certainly suggest that you avoid adding the CBD into a citrus fruit juice, as this may damage the CBD content, or disrupt the way in which your body can absorb the CBD; either making it less effective, or rendering it almost completely pointless. If you are a sucker for a smoothie, then we would suggest that you get a veg smoothie a try when adding CBD to it! 

The Mythos Behind Our products

The name and design for our water soluble CBD oil is based on H.P Lovecrafts cosmic entity, Cthulhu. We have named our 200mg bioactive product in homage to the legacy that these works have created. Call us cultists of a kind. 

The names comes from a sea borne creature which resembles both an octopus and a dragon, and is worshiped by a band of cultists. We thought that the mythos surrounding Cthulhu was perfect to represent the water solubility of the product and the following behind the mysterious cannabis plant.

We are really excited to be launching this product and we are super proud of it!

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