What if we told you that some bright spark has managed to make water soluble CBD that uses Liposomal Technology? A formula 4x-5x times more effective? 

Well, the dream is a reality and there is plenty of water soluble CBD to go around. What makes these cannabinoid products so great is that they posses near perfect bioavailability and each tiny cannabinoid compound cluster is safe, and snug in a phospholipid. 

Why water-soluble cannabinoids are becoming so popular is down to the fact that they are discrete, easy to consume, taste great compared to a CBD oil and can be put in a water bottle to sip on throughout the day. 

Our Water Soluble CBD Tincture

Cthulhu | 2.5% Water Soluble Liposomal CBD (500mgs)
  • Liposomal Technology = Significantly More Bioavailable
  • Lives in Water
  • 100% Natural & Lab-tested
  • Phyto Power= Vegan Friendly
  • 0% THC
  • Contains Naturally Occurring Terpenes
  • Produced & Bottled In The UK
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Free DPD shipping
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What is Water Soluble Liposomal CBD?

The one thing we can say about our body is that is particularly rubbish at processing CBD. Cannabinoids in general are not particularly bioavailable. 

CBD struggles to enter the body because it is not water-soluble and cannot enter our cells very easily. 

Unless the CBD is absorbed via the sublingual gland, the CBD is processed via our digestive system and liver. Only a small amount of CBD is absorbed by the body and the rest bounces around, becoming damaged and wasted.

Cannabinoids happily bind to fat though. So it wraps itself inside the phospholipids nice and snug. 

The real benefit of Liposomal CBD is that the cannabinoid compounds are protected while they enter our tummies. Some research suggests that the presence of ‘lecithin’ (found in most Liposomal formuals) helps to ‘smooth’ out the fatty cannabinoid compounds, making them easier to process. 

The result? There will be a high concentration of CBD in your body for longer, and less waste. 

While the jury is still out on exactly how effective these are, there is no doubt that a Liposomal CBD supplement goes further. Some studies suggest that the CBD is absorbed 4x – 5x better. When you try a supplement like this, you will see that it comes on quicker, and stronger. 

Almost everybody who tries a Liposomal CBD formula notices the difference. 

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of water soluble CBD products. When we compare them to other CBD products out there- such as the CBD oils & CBD pastes, it is very clear that there is a huge advantage to being able to add the CBD molecules to water. 

The one you will notice first, is the taste. The taste of the water soluble drops is much cleaner than the whole plant, or MCT base oils. It is almost creamy and sweet. When added to water, you can detect a very slight hint of the terpenes but this can be mitigated by adding a slice of cucumber or juice (not citrus). 

The water soluble drops do not need to only be added to water either- the drops can be added to veg juices and are perfect for that warm cup of herbal tea. 

By digging into the science a little bit, you will find that Liposomal water-soluble CBD drops are absorbed very easily into the body due to the wonderful ingredient ‘lecithin’. Without going too much into detail about the technology behind Liposomal formulas, Lecithin is a fatty substance which cannabinoids bind very well too. It also has the ability to live in water. So, if you add cannabinoids to a mixture containing Lecithin then add the lecithin to water you have a CBD product you can add to water. All very clever. 

If you know anything about Lecithin then you’ll be happy to know that our’s comes from Sunflowers. 

One of the major benefits of water-soluble CBD is how bioavailable it is. It is suggested that the formula is 4x-5x more effective than a standard CBD oil.

Another great benefit is that Lecithin can help your body absorb CBD in the liver. Which is way better than the alternative of bouncing around and going nowhere. 

Finally, water soluble CBD drops are also ideal for putting in a water bottle and sipping during the day. Whether you are trying to drink more water at work, go for a long run or hit the gym, these products are ideal for keeping your cannabinoid levels topped up when you need them most.