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About Our Vegan Soft Cell CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules & tablets are full of positives, CBD being one of them. For many people, the most irritating part of taking CBD is the dance in the mirror and mess that is caused by a dropper bottle. For many, it is all part of the fun, but there are more than a few of us who would just like things to be easier. 

Capsules are the ultimate way to ‘micro-dose’ your CBD while keeping your daily routine as normal as possible: after-all, if you are a regular capsule taker, another capsule added to your routine should be nice and straightforward. 

We are also currently giving 20% of our profits to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) who are a London based charity that are championing the fight against Male Suicide which is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45, so the more products we add to our range, the more money CALM get. 

Pythion | 30 30mg CBD Capsules (900mgs)
  • Organic, 100% Natural & Lab-tested
  • Vegan & Vegetarian-Friendly
  • Broad Spectrum - Contains CBD, CBG - 0% THC
  • Contains Naturally Occurring Terpenes
  • Rapid Absorption & Rich in MCTs
  • 30mg Capsules / 900mgs per tub
  • Free DPD/Royal Mail shipping (mainland UK)
  • Product of the UK
£49.00 Inc. VAT
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How to use CBD OIl Capsules

CBD Pills are very easy to use. It is what makes them so popular. 

You don’t even need to think about taking our daily dose, and it takes a matter of seconds. The best way to enjoy your CBD caps is by taking 1-2 in the morning, and evening with a full glass of water just before eating a healthy breakfast, or cup of coffee. Not only will that help the capsules be absorbed into your system, but water is essential for maintaining a healthy endocannabinoid system. We would suggest that you avoid consuming some citric while taking the capsules as this may hamper the effectiveness of the capsules. So, take orange juice off your morning routine!

We suggest that you take 1-2 capsules in the morning before breakfast and 1-2 in the evening just before your dinner. If you need to increase the dose then we would suggest taking another set before Lunch. It is advised that you take your CBD before food as this increases the absorbtion rate of the CBD. Often, CBD is damaged or wasted when it is consumed via your digestive system so eating it with food can give it the best chance to do its magic!


Benefits of Vegan CBD Soft Gel Tablets

When we discuss the benefits of capsules, we will rather focus on the benefits of this form of CBD – rather than the benefits of the CBD itself. What we can say about the CBD is that it is a cannabinoid which helps maintain balance of your Endocannabinoid System. Before trying CBD you should certainly check out our post about the endocannabinoid system or by doing your own research. 


So, here are the main benefits of taking Capsules: 

  • Easy to use | If you have tried CBD oils then you may understand that it is hard to know how much you’re taking.. or consume a consistent dose. 
  • No More Long Face | Let’s be honest, CBD products do not always taste like sunshine and rainbows. Hemp in itself has a fairly strong acquired taste. With capsules you avoid this completely as they slip right down to be forgotten about for the day!
  • Discrete | We understand that CBD products are still somewhat taboo. This is down to the fact that CBD is derived from Cannabis. If you’re not too keen on letting anybody know that you’re taking CBD, these capsules look no different to anything else. As far as anybody knows, they could be fish oil… just better. 

There are thousands of other CBD oil Capsules out there, and you may be reading this page after reading 100 others. So let us break down why our capsules are worth your time

  • Organic, Lab Tested & made with Love | Our CBD Oil formula is something special. It is loved across the board and is very popular. The Hemp grown to produce these products (using CO2 extraction methods) are grown naturally without pesticides and a whole lotta love. 
  • Broad Spectrum | A fair few of the other CBD pills on the market are ‘broad spectrum’ meaning that they do not contain THC. While this may appeal to some, the Full-spectrum CBD capsule is the most effective you can find. The caps contain a whide range of naturally occuring cannabinods, terpenes, waxes and amino acids which all contribute towards the entoruage effect. 
  • Lab Tested | As standard – we know exactly what is in each capsule. We test every batch to ensure they are safe, and contain exactly the right amount of cannabinoids. 

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