CBD Muscle Balm UK

 If you haven’t used CBD muscle balm before then you’re missing out. They are a must for anybody who is performing at a high level of sports or like to smash it at the gym. We ourselves are complete converts to the powers of CBD-infused gel and CBD muscle balms.

There is increasing evidence surrounding the benefits of CBD sports balms to enhance performance and recovery. It is why you see sports stars and celebrities using these products and showcasing them on their Instagram. While we do not have the backing to be able to pay for such exposure, we decided to spend out money on what counts: the formulas.

We are currently in the process of developing our own range of awesome power and performance CBD muscle rubs that utilise only natural ingredients and contain meaningful contents of hemp-derived CBD.

Why CBD Sports Balm?

The CBD industry is growing and the benefits have been spotted by sports stars and athletes. Other than CBD oils and tinctures, CBD balms are the biggest selling CBD product for sports. The reason behind this is down to the targetted nature of the dose. If you need some physical relief – a balm is a great way to get the CBD you need.

Benefits of CBD Muscle Rubs

There are plenty of benefits but many of them we cannot shout about. As a retailer of CBD we cannot make any kind of medical claims about our CBD products so you will need to do a little bit more digging. For us, we would like to focus on what makes our CBD sports balm industry-leading and how it compares to other companies out there.

  1. 100% Natural & Sustainable | We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading products, but also products that are low impact on the body and environment. It is something we are working really hard on. Our CBD sports balm contain 0% synthetic or man-made chemicals and only utilize plant power
  2. Superior Formulas | Nature and Science work together perfectly. It just takes the right amount of both to make something special. We invest a lot of time in research and development so that you do not need to, and we think we have cracked some of the best cosmetic formulas by partnering with those who make the best. We have a range of cooling and warming balms for muscle aches and pains and balms for warming up and giving your body extra umph.
  3. CBD Bioavailability | Science has proven that CBD is absorbed effectively into the skin and attaches to the endocannabinoid receptors in the areas around the skin and deep into the muscles. It triggers a reaction from our body to achieve homeostasis and your body gets to work restoring balance. While applying topical CBD may seem like a gimmick but just wait until you try it.

CBD Sports Balms