Full spectrum CBD vape cartridges

CBD Vape Pen are far from a gimmic. While there are thousands of CBD vape liquid options but there are very few which are tailored specifically towards to effective and safe delivery of Cannabinoids and and Terpenes (the unsung heroes of cannabinoid products).

The most well-known way to inhale Cannabinoids is by smoking the plant itself- but what if we said that you could enjoy the same great taste with a more effective CBD delivery and with something a lot cleaner?  

Our Full-spectrum CBD Vape Pen range use a 60% CBD distillate which is carefully heated by a purpose-built vape pen to ensure the cannabinoids and terpenes are delivered safely to your Endocannabinoid System. Vape oils and rigs can be too hot, and burn the delicate cannabinoids, plus use an inferior isolate formula. 

CBD vape benefits
CBDiablo Vape Pen Battery
  • Button Activated & LED Lights
  • Powerful Vape or Dab Pen
  • Sold & Robust Structure
  • Slick Black Design (to show off to your friends)
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700mg CBD Vape / Dab Cartridge & Pen Kit (1ml)
  • Extremely Powerful Vape Cartridge (nearly as powerful as a dab)
  • Full 1ml of Uncut Hemp Extract with a Full-Spectrum of Cannabinoids
  • Unique Technology with Glass Cartridge & 100% Ceramic Coils
  • 5 Awesome Strain-Inspired Terpene Blends
  • Cleaner Flavour & More Potent Cannabinoids
  • Easy, Effective & Discrete
  • Free DPD/Royal Mail shipping (mainland UK)
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To us, it is of paramount importantce to make what is in the vile the star of the show. We have put a lot of time and love into our Cannabinoid & Terpene rich CBD Vape cartridge formulas to ensure that they are uniquely effective and taste exactly like your favourite strain. We have also sourced our Vape pen battery’s from  a cannabinoid specialist who design their products to take care of the bioactives as they are warmed into a vapour. The technology is cutting edge.

Our CBD Vape Pen range are naturally flavoured with real plant cannabis terpenes – they are designed to taste and smell like the real thing.

  • Uncut extract
  • Lab test
Lab tested & produced in an iso9001 cleanroom
Free from heavy metals & solvents
Quick & targeted dose of CBD

Benefits Of CBD Vape

When you compare a CBD vape oil to a CBD distillate vape pen cartridge, there are certain qualities which start to shine on through. 

Firstly, a CBD vape oil that uses the normal constituents of PG & VG can be consumed via almost any shop purchased vape-rig. For many who have tried CBD vape liquids, you will have found that they burn really easily. This makes the draw really harsh, taste awful and sadly a whole load of the cannabinoids are ruined. It is why so many were put off by vapable CBD in the beginning. Unless you can easily adjust the temperature or have a small rig, a standard CBD vape oil can be a nightmare. 

Also, you may find that the vape oils also use an isolated CBD formula which means that they do not contain other beneficial cannabinoids or phytochemicals.

A CBD vape pen is also specifically designed to consume CBD concentrates – such as our broad spectrum 60% CBD distillate which is naturally flavoured by plant terpenes. The pens burn at a much lower temperature so that the natural cannabinoids and phytochemicals can be drawn from the concentrate and inhaled. This means that the full benefits of the cannabinoids and terpenes can be realised! 

Usually, we are really passionate about the oral consumption of CBD. The only issue with CBD, in general, is that it isn’t particularly bioavailable in its raw state. A CBD vape pen is extremely bioavailable as you are consuming the compounds via your lungs. This means that the cannabinoids and terpenes find their way into your bloodstream very quickly, and can be found in very high concentrations for a short period of time. This means that they are great for when you need a top up, or for when you’re on the go. 

We are also really excited about the fact that you can take your CBD vape pen anywhere, and vape it as and when you wish. Unlike a bottle of oil, you can easily consume the content of the pen quickly and discretely. Plus, they taste great so forget the long morning hemp oil face!

Our Cannabis Vape Pen Battery Technology

When thinking about the products we wanted to sell, we thought about two things: the quality of the distillate and its contents, and how it would be vaped. A lot of the time, the vape itself can burn the cannabinoids which cause the vape oil to taste awful and give you a tight chest. 

Our Vape pen battery and cartridge technology is cutting edge and is designed specifically to gently vapourise the cannabinoids and essential bioactives in such a way to ensure their potency. This means that ever draw contains cannabinoids and a wonderful authentic flavour produced using real plant terpenes. Very exciting stuff. 

Plus, they have been designed specifically for us with a range of unique battery options.