When is the Best Time to Take CBD? Morning Vs Evening?

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When is the Best Time to Take CBD? Morning Vs Evening?

CBD is unlike almost any other ‘food supplement’ or product you take daily for your well-being. It is an active compound that interacts with a network of receptors called the Endocannabinoid System which is part of your body’s ability to maintain a healthy internal balance: called Homeostasis.

Just like each of us are almost completely unique, the way in which our body reacts (and uses) bioactives can be completely different. It is partly why it is difficult to make any solid recommendations about which dose is best for a particular situation; it all depends on you and your body.

So, considering that we are all different it almost makes it difficult to answer the question: When is the best time to take CBD? Let us draw out a little bit about the best times to take CBD!

best time to take CBD

The Perfect to Take CBD?

There is not really a ‘perfect time’ to take CBD as this depends almost entirely around your individual routine and needs. What are you using the CBD for? How busy you may be? Or if you’re like us, How forgetful you are. The time you take CBD can also be determined by how it makes you feel.

The best time to take CBD is when it suits you best. Most of the time we suggest that you should take CBD in the morning and the evening (and potentially a couple of drops before lunch if you need more CBD in your day). For most people, this ensures that a steady, and consistent dose it was taken during the most important parts of the day and keeps your levels of CBD up. We leave our bottle of CBD oil by our toothbrush because it is easy to slip into your routine.

CBD also comes in loads of different forms – for instance, a CBD edible may take a lot longer to be absorbed into your body and the effects may last longer. We would suggest that if you take CBD gummies (for example) then they should be taken about 15-30 minutes before you eat so that they can be absorbed with your food. To increase the absorption rate you should eat something fatty (a healthy option is something like eggs).

If you enjoy CBD vape oils, then puffing as and when you need to is ideal. The CBD enters your bloodstream quicker but leaves quicker too.


Should I Take CBD in the Morning, Or the Evening?

CBD works differently for each of us so it is important to listen to your body and work out when the best time to take CBD is for you.

If you’re somebody who experiences ‘brain fog’ (feeling a bit fuzzy and tired) when taking CBD, then it may be an idea to decrease how much you take in the morning, and take slightly more in the evening. This way it leans into how CBD reacts with your body. The same principle works the other way too for you feel alive – CBD and coffee are a great combo.

We’d say that the key to ensuring that you get the most out of your CBD is to maintain a regular and consistent dose throughout the day and adjusting your use throughout the day- taking CBD is a purely personal experience.