What is CBE (Cannabielsoin)

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What is CBE (Cannabielsoin)?


There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. So many in fact that we are finding new ones all the time. So, when we came across a little cannabinoid that we didn’t know about, we decided to do a little digging.

This cannabinoid was Cannabielsoin or CBE for short.


What is CBE?

In 1973, researchers found this compound but didn’t know anything about it. Although it had been mentioned, scientists didn’t even know its molecular structure until 1983. CBE is a cannabinoid which seems to be derived from CBD via a process of synthesis or metabolism. Although CBE is found naturally in the cannabis plant, Scientists used CBD to create CBE in a lab – this would be the first time a cannabinoid would be created by biotransformation. After a number of more years researching this compound, they found that CBE is a metabolite of CBD- this means that it is an end product of CBD. Much like CBD too, CBE is non-psychoactive.

As a side note – which isn’t really relevant but quite interesting – in 2008, Chinese archaeologists found a tomb said to be 2700 years old which was said to contain a large amount of cannabis (somebody’s mummy loved a joint… get it!?). Dad joke out of the way: when scientists tested the ancient cannabis, although CBC, CBL and CBN where the most abundant – CBD & CBE were also found.


What Are The Benefits of CBE?

There have been few studies done on CBE but there is still a lot we need to learn. In short- researchers found that CBE had a ‘negligible’ effect on the well-being of Mice, and did not seem to show at least the same potential as CBD or THC. In saying this, these studies were not very conclusive and there is still an awful lot left to learn about the actual role of CBE in the cannabis plant – or the human body. While you may have never heard of CBE, you are likely to have taken some if you take a full-spectrum CBD oil or product.

While science has not gotten to the bottom of the CBE mystery, the theory is that CBE is a part of what is known as the Entourage Effect; this effect in itself is somewhat of a mystery to modern science. The Entourage effect is a synergistic effect caused by all of the active ingredients in cannabis: from a wide range of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and healthy plant fats. When all of these active ingredients are combined, they work to enhance and regulate each other. It is a phenomenon not very well understood by science.


So, while we still can’t get to the bottom of this new cannabinoid, we know a little more than we did before. As research develops we are sure to find new cannabinoids and understand them more.