What is CBD Isolate/ Powder?

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What is CBD Isolate/ Powder?

CBD these days can come in lots of different forms; from a flower to oils & pastes and even in the form of a CBD isolate (also called CBD powders or CBD crystals).

These do look a little suspicious but a CBD isolate is a pure hemp extract that only contains the compounds of CBD and is derived from a process of CO2 extraction and winterization- this process extracts the CBD compounds from the hemp plant and therefore produces a pure crystallized form of CBD.

The crystals that remain after the distillation are a very high percentage of CBD (often 99.9%) and are usually produced so that a carrier oil, or product can be infused with CBD. Therefore, generally, the main use for CBD isolate/ CBD power is as a wholesaler or somebody who wishes to make their own products at home. Way back in the day, when CBD isolate was readily available, we ourselves created a range of skin oils and experimented with the process of making our own topical CBD oils.

You cannot produce a CBD oil to be taken orally with isolated CBD- if you want to make your own tincture, then follow this tutorial.

If you buy a CBD powder, or even CBD crystal, product online it likely will come to you in a little tub of 1g or more. It looks like a white a fine white powder and should be used with caution.

How to use CBD Isolates

CBD isolates, in theory, are handy. If you buy them online you generally get them it in a little tub and a little does go a long way. You will need to get yourself some scientific scales and some scientific equipment (like a small spatula, beaker, thermometer and a big pan of water).

Remember- anything you make should not be taken orally.


  • Place a carrier oil (like olive oil)into a large beaker or bowl
  • Boil water in a large pan and place the beaker to warm the oil
  • Slowly warm until the oil is 60 degrees, then add your CBD isolate
  • Slowly stir the oil and maintain the temperature until crystals/isolate has dissolved
  • Remove beaker carefully from the water and allow to cool down

Once the oil has cooled down, you can use it for your hair or something similar.


The danger of CBD powders

CBD powder/ CBD isolate is not permitted for use for any CBD oil that you consume in the UK- so legally, it would be illegal (and frankly irresponsible) to try to produce tinctures to sell using this method. There are much more effective ways to make your own CBD oil! It can be argued that tinctures produced with a CBD powder is unethical and ineffective.

Secondly, these days, the quality of the isolate in the UK is at an all-time low. Previously, growers in the EU would priorities their CBD production to produce oils, and pastes, rather than isolates. So generally a producer would only be able to produce a comparatively small amount of CBD isolate per harvest. The demand was so high that the price of these products skyrocketed and they were very difficult to get in stock. Where there is limitation, there is always opportunity. The market is now flooded with fake products that contain anything from washing power to being plastic shards- imagine melting plastic into something you’re about to ingest- and then selling it to customers?