What is a CBDeity? How To Have a Deity Mindset

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What Is a CBDeity?

If you have stuck around us for a bit, you may have seen our #CBDeity tags or talked about becoming a CBDeity.  

In short, a CBDeity is somebody who is always striving to be the best version of themselves and pushes a little further every day to constantly to improve, and maybe uses CBD in this endeavour… but that bit isn’t so important.

This is an ethos that we think is fundamental when facing battles and is a mindset that will get you through anything that life hits you with. After all the mind is the most powerful thing we possess. 

The Mindset

The Deity mindset is something we ourselves try to live by every day to ensure that we are always going a little furtherachieving more than we did yesterday and not giving up until the job is done.

It is about positive forward-thinking when stepping out into the cold rain of life and when the odds are against you; it is about taking control of your mind to rise up and complete a task when you’re on the precipice of giving up.

Whether you are striving to achieve something at school, work, at the gym, track, hills or overcoming the demons in your personal life, having a Deity will never fail you.

To us, this is really important in the battle for mental health and is something that we personally have found instrumental to where we are today in business, sports and life. 

Here are a few things a deity has: 


Driven – Being driven is fundamental to this mindset. Give yourself a reason to get up in the morning and find the fire of ambition. Internal motivation is a very powerful tool when it is correctly tapped into.

Motivation comes from goals and ensuring that you keep working towards them little by little every day. Everest is climbed in 58,070 steps, one step at a time; at least one step closer to your goal every day is all it takes. You are the person who makes the first step so ask yourself: ‘What do I want, and what do I need to do to achieve it?‘ 

Planning your goals is essential, write this down in a journal and plan out your goal, and the journey. Goals give you something to focus on while you empower yourself against your demons.

If your answer was, ‘I don’t know’ – dig deeper!


Empowered – A Deity is somebody who is empowered by self-confidence that is fueled by an intimate understanding of oneself. The only person who can truly empower you, is you; after that, external influences can only empower you more.

Before anything, you must learn to empower yourself with self-respect and by letting go of pride. Low confidence is rooted in how you feel about yourself, rather than how others look at you and true power comes from inside, not others.

Try and take the time to look at yourself objectively and pick out what you do well (or what makes you feel good), then more importantly what you don’t do well (what makes you feel bad). Write these down if you have to. Acquaint yourself with those demons, confront them, work on improving them and use them as armour (or see their irrelevance). The may serve as your drive. The more that you know about, and become comfortable with, yourself, the more empowered you become.

Particularly when talking about mental health for men, is important that you do not try to take this journey alone; find somebody to confide in, to open up to and let go of your fears. Open up about your demons, this way you will be able to make the inroads to becoming friends with them. This confidant can be a friend, parent, therapist or even your barber. The more you hide and internalize your demons, the more power they have over you. 

If you are working towards something at work or in sport, it is good to verbalise any concern and work on a solution with a coach, friend or mentor. This will keep your focus clear and keep you moving towards your goals and learning for the future. 

Relinquish your demons and make them your allies; get comfortable in your own thickening skin and know how amazing you can be, and what you can achieve.


Impenetrable– A CBDeity is somebody who is impenetrable. When you learn to love and empower yourself, you may find that less can hurt you; once you accept and understand your demons, the less pain they will cause you. When you love and understand who you are, you will start to realise that what others think pales in comparison to what you can achieve on your own stream.

Life cannot be controlled, and we will always be faced with challenges so it is very important to ‘get comfortable, with being uncomfortable’ (David Goggins) in respect to many things in life.

Being impenetrable does not mean that you can never be hurt, or that nothing gets in, it refers to the healing process that our bodies are all capable of. When our skin is cut, it hurts and we bleed. No matter how deep the cut, if we care for it properly it will heal into a scar of stronger skin over time. The healing and scaring process is important metaphorically as it represents a challenge we have overcome.

You become impenetrable by learning how to care for your wounds and understanding that with the correct mindset, what you are facing can, and will, be overcome in time. 

In reality, this is often done by speaking to somebody about how you feel and rationalising what is going on, by finding something positive to put your energy into and making those steps to move past your obstacles. At work or training, it is about moving past your setbacks, learning from your mistakes and moving forward with confidence that a lesson has been learned. 


Tenacity – Being tenacious in life really does pay off.

The status of a #CBDeity is not about success or failure, it is about giving everything your all and having the motivation to keep going until you achieve what you set out to achieve. Through making hard decisions, roadblock after roadblock, setback or disappointment, an embarrassment or monumental failure, it is important to have dogged persistence. Afterall if you fall you, you can heal. Having tenacity also represents your ability to be impenetrable by learning from past failures to then push on with a fresh exuberance and determination. 

Always draw the positive from a negative. Even if you fail, the experience will have taught you a lesson which you can use for tomorrow, when you try again.

It is essential to remember that it is ok to give yourself a break. It is perfectly fine to have a down day and to look after yourself or to have yourself a good old cry. What counts is that you rechannel your energy to the mark with positivity.


You – This mindset is about you. 

It is about taking control, it is about being open and honest with yourself; it is about understanding yourself and confronting your own demons; it is about knowing what you can achieve if you let yourself go for it. 

In all honesty, nobody is going to live your life for you. You are the one who can let go of fear, you are the one who can keep making those single steps, you are the one who can learn from your mistakes, open up and let your wounds heal. You are the one who needs to want to improve constantly. 

Whether your battle is with mental health, and or a lead-to a challenging race or, whether you have been working towards a promotion at work, whatever the outcome you must ensure that you remain driven to move forward, empower yourself to be impenetrable and tenacious, and finally remember; you are the person who can write the story you wish to read. 

This process should not be rushed and you should understand that changing a mindset takes time and will constantly need to be perfected- there is no easy way out.