What Are CBD Concentrates?

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What Are CBD Concentrates?

As you delve deeper into some of the more serious CBD products out there (particularly if you are interested in CBD vape products), then you may come across a range of products which fall under the umbrella of CBD concentrates. (If you already know what concentrates are, then you can skip on a bit for some more in-depth information)

You may have encountered anything from CBD vape pens to a strange little pot of CBD crumble / wax, or of golden-syrup or a big glass rig for ‘dabbing’. Although CBD concentrates find their origins within the high THC market, there is a growing interest in this bubbling range of vapeable cannabis extracts. Many people see concentrates as a hard-core cannabis sub-culture but it really isn’t – for many, they prefer the fact that concentrates are cleaner, and the taste and effects of the strain is more identifiable. Particularly if you’re interested in CBD vape oil, a concentrate is a much better alternative.

So let us introduce you to the world of cannabis / CBD concentrates.



What Are Concentrates?

In very simple terms, a cannabis concentrate is a potent extract taken from the cannabis plant. Generally, they are a high potency form of cannabis that is vapourised (or dabbed) using specially designed equipment; you could be as advanced as a £3000 bit of glass or a small electronic vape/dap pen.

There are a variety of ways to extract these concentrates, and they come in an array of different forms, flavours and characteristics. Some come in the form of a powder, others in a crumbly waxy texture, some like sweet syrup and others like diamonds. Although each is extracted in the same way, the process that they undergo after they have been extracted determines which form they will appear in.

There is a huge ‘dab’ culture in the US at the moment, and it is a sub-culture of the larger THC rich cannabis culture. THC is still very illegal in the UK, all legal cannabis concentrates are rich in CBD, and contain very little THC if any at all.

What makes CBD concentrates so popular is their powerful flavours, the fact that they are cleaner than smoking, and the potency of the cannabinoid content is increased hugely. Concentrates are packed with terpenes which are active ingredients that can change the way our body uses cannabinoids (learn more in our Beginners Guide to Cannabis) and have their own aromatic effects (like putting lavender in the bath).

A lot of the concentrates take their flavourings and effects from famous cannabis strains, like Pineapple Express or OG Kush. This makes them a sober alternative to the real thing.

Whether you like to enjoy a couple of puffs ever so often, or a huge dose at once then a CBD concentrate may be what you’re looking for. They are also ideal for those terp-chasers out there who love to try and experiment with all the different flavours and effects.

If you’re new to concentrates, think of them as your own personal aromatherapy.


Types of CBD Concentrates

We’re going to list almost all of the important concentrates that you can find but a good chunk of them will be reserved for the THC market. There are some which simply cannot be sold in the UK without having access to illegal substances.

There are two notable types of CBD concentrate: those that are extracted with a solvent (such as CO2 extraction which we use for our oils) and the other is without solvents.


CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is potentially the first concentrate that you will encounter. A vape cannabis distillate is thick and oily – which is not unlike golden syrup. The distillate usually contains between 30% and 70% Cannabinoid content and has a powerful terpene flavour. Most of the vape pens and CBD cartridges that you find on the market contain a Distillate. You can also buy refill tubes and vape a distillate using a dab pen or rig.


CBD Crumble / Wax

CBD Crumble and wax are pretty much the same thing. One is a little drier than the other. Both are a dry extract which has a soft and waxy texture. They are usually found in little pots and contain a huge dose of cannabinoids, and a really nice, clean terpy flavour. Most people who enjoy CBD Crumble/ Wax are a little more experienced with their dabbing. Although the Crumble can be easy to use, it requires some set-up (whether you use a dab rig or a dab pen).


Sauce & Diamonds

Sometimes you see these two as separate, but they are really from the same thing. After the extraction process (more often with certain solvents) the extract needs to rest so the solvent is completely evaporated. While it rests, the cannabinoid content starts to crystalise into diamonds and the terpene content separates into a thick, sticky terp sauce. You can easily separate the two for a tasteless high potency cannabinoid experience – or a powerful terp flavour. The Terp sauce is very popular in the UK for those who like to vape, without the cannabinoid content.


CBD Isolate

The isolate debate is hot right now: should it be allowed to be sold or not? Regardless, it is a concentrate that you find quite often. The isolate is a white powder which is fairly cheap to produce, cheap to buy and can be produced in huge batches. If you simply want a pure, tasteless CBD extract then this is what you re looking for.


CBD Shatter

The final CBD concentrate we will include is the CBD shatter or glass. The only difference between a CBD shatter and distillate is the texture. As you may expect, the shatter has been set to be hard and brittle so that it is easy to break off a shard to be added to a rig or dab pen.

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