The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

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The Benefits of Water Soluble CBD


It is very clear that CBD faces some challenges; whether you are new to CBD or have been taking it for years, the same issues pop up time, and time again. The common issues are:

  1. CBD is considered to have relatively poor bioavailability (it’s hard for them to be efficiently absorbed by the body)
  2. The taste- we shall say nothing more
  3. Droppers can be fiddly and awkward to fit into your daily routine
  4. Lack of clarity around the dosage


All of these issues are faced by almost every single user of CBD- combine that with the fact that everybody’s experience using CBD will differ, somehow makes it a difficult well-being supplement to ever feel completely satisfied with. We’re not bashing the conventional ways of taking CBD, because they have their own charms and benefits, but we think that Water Soluble CBD is going to change things up a little bit.


CBD Oils & Bioavailability

Scientifically, one of the biggest issues with CBD is its ability to be absorbed into the body. CBD oil really should be taken sublingually (under the tongue), and that is down to the fact that this is the most effective way for CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream. But in this process, there is still a lot that is wasted and ingested via the digestive system/ liver (with is even less effective). If you do not take CBD correctly, at best you do not get value for money, at worst if it may do nothing for you.

The issue is that our bodies are made up of 60% water- and when CBD is extracted from the plant it is in the form of an oil which cannot be easily defused into our bloodstream (oils actually resist being absorbed-  which is why oil sits on top of water).

It is mostly an oil taken sublingually that is considered to be much more effective than a hemp seed oil capsule, or topical cream- or a CBD mattress cover (Sadly, those exist). Most of the CBD that you are ingesting is either damaged or wasted.

So, how can you overcome CBD’s natural resistance to being absorbed? Well, some bright-spark has produced a water-soluble CBD formula which bucks this trend!


Benefits of Water Soluble CBD

So, in theory, if CBD could be made water-soluble it can be way more effective, right? Yes. So long as the CBD is actually soluble in water. There are key players in the CBD manufacturing industry who produce ‘water-based’ products using what is referred to as a Nanoemulsion. Which isn’t particularly good for us. It isn’t actually water-soluble- more ‘water-compatible’. It is like Mayonnaise- the oil and water are held together by egg- rather than actually infusing together.

There are some who have actually cracked it and have produced a solution that is completely water-soluble. How this is done is currently under lock and key (usually to protect the interests of the company’s intellectual property). Once we know, we will share it with you.

But that is all well and good for a lab-coat, but what are the actual benefits of Water Soluble CBD in practice?

Greater Bioavailability (up to 10x more effective than traditional methods)

Down to the fact that the cannabinoid molecules are suspended in an active state in water they can be absorbed much, much more effectively. Water-soluble products are up to 10 times more effective than the traditional methods. This is not to say that they are any better or worse. During the process of production, a lot of the ‘other cannabinoids’ have been removed along with the natural plant matter. It means that the water-solubles do not have the same levels of natural plant matter than a whole plant oil, or paste.

Much better taste!

To be fair, some people don’t mind the taste of hemp- it lets them know that they are actually taking something (writing this, I am an avid paste guy and I am the same)! It is very easily foreseeable that there are many people out there that are put off by the taste, and can make the whole experience unbearable. Water-soluble CBD is very easy to consume and has a very slight sweet herbiness but almost unnoticeable in something that has a flavour (like juice or coffee). So, think away from the long face and get a water-soluble!

Easy to Use & Dose

A CBD oil with a dropper can actually be a little bit of a pain. Honestly, I could do without the dance in the mirror trying to count your drops, for it to spill down the side of your face, or on the side of the bottle. It takes a little bit of practice to count the drops and effectively dose the oil, hold it properly under the tongue and do it all while late for work. With the water-soluble CBD, you can simply get your drink of choice and drop 1-4 drops in without thinking about it again.

Easy to slip into your routine

The last of the major gripes about CBD is that it can be a little difficult to slip into your routine. We’ve all been there- you’ve forgotten to take your CBD today. What is so fantastic about the water-soluble CBD is you can very easily add it to your morning cup or coffee, your water bottle at work, your lunch cup of whatever (soup if you wanted to), or your herbal tea in the evening before you head off to bed. Water-soluble CBD also only needs to be consumed once per day too! Easy peasy.