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  • 100% recycled plastic from plastics collected from rivers and coastal waterways  ♻️
  • Super durable & anit-leaking 💪
  • 20% of our profit goes to CALMzone UK 😇
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Recycled 500ml water bottle | Ocean Bottle x Daemon Power

A reliable, robust and long-lasting water bottle is a nightmare to find. Then you find one you like, and it is produced using BPA plastics which isn’t great for the environment, and as we are slowly learning, terrible for our collective well-being. We have chosen to Co-Brand our water bottles with Ocean Bottle to ensure that we have an environmentally positive product and high-quality high-performance product. 

Our co-branded 500ml water-bottle is double insulated and fitted with an ingenious lid which breaks down into a water bottle lid and a travel cup. The bottle can be filled with hot, or cold, liquid, is easy to clean (so will easily handle being a shaker for your Super Greens Powder) and will last through the test of time and adventure. 

The bottle is the only one you’ll ever need.

The Daemon Logo has been printed onto the coffee flask to be a constant reminder that we should protect our inner powerpractice greater presence and remind us of our collective duty

Why choose ocean bottle

OceanBottle are a fantastic social bottle manufacturer with a huge mission in focus, to remove plastics from our waterways before they enter our oceans.

They have already removed over 1 billion kgs of plastic from circulation and continue to do more for the planet, and communities in developing parts of the world.

Each bottle is produced with 90% recycled stainless steel, BPA Free ocean-bound plastic. 

Not only do Ocean Bottle have great intentions for the environment and its people, but they also produce exceptional bottles, including this 500ml water bottle.

Each double-insulated (and super durable) bottle comes with its ingeniously designed lid, which doubles as a travel cup too. The cap is interchangeable with the coffee flask head or can be used as a standard water bottle with its silicone carry loop.  

  • 100% Recycled using plastics collected from the rivers and coastal waterways
  • Anti-leak bottle lid which doubles as a travel cup. 
  • Interchangeable lid (can use the coffee lid on the 375ml and 1L bottles)
  • Double-walled insulation to ensure drinks stay hotter, for longer
  • Super Durable & Reliable
  • Dishwasher Saf
Daemon Power 500ml recycled water bottle

Where is the plastic Collected from?

Ocean Bottle fund plastic collection centres across the globe; they current operate in Brail, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

These initiatives have ensured that those taking part are paid a fair living wage. Each collector is paid for the plastic collected and are able to access social resources (education, healthcare, financial security and mental health support). 

Ocean Bottle reports that 372 communities benefit from the formalised management infrastructure. 

This part is important to us, as we know first-hand the benefit of such schemes in countries close to our hearts (Tanzania & Uganda). 

Specifications of the flask

Each cup is 500ml in size. It is 68mms in diameter and 220mm in height. The lid is interchangeable with larger containers. 


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