300mg Lipsosomal Curcuminoids (Turmeric Derived) (60ml)

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  • Liposomal Super Strength Turmeric Curcuminoids
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Up to 4X more bioavailable
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Liposomal Turmeric Derived Curcuminoids (60ml)

300mg of active curcuminoid compounds

Turmeric and Curcuminoids are linked with a plethora of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is one of the most powerful inflamation regulators in nature, and can help manage several health conditions, and improve heart, and brain health and longevity. 


The biggest issue with Turmeric, is that an estimated 1% of the ‘naked’ curcumin we consume is absorbed by the body. It has extremely low bioavailability. 

We’ve also gone a little further and encapsulated the organic & premium delicate Turmeric curcuminoid extract in a superior Liposomal solution to increase absorption by up to 400%*. 

Absorbed up to 400%* better – up to 10x more protected in the gut

Potent Turmeric derived Curcuminoids.

What are the benefits of Liposomal Turmeric Derived Curcuminoids.

Turmeric is well know for it’s natural anti-inflammation properties, but what is less known is the active ingredients in Turmeric are called Curcuminoids. 

Curcumin has been linked with several key benefits, but the main benefits are down to curcumin’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties [source]. The trickle down benefits range from improvement in cardiovascular health, to neuroprotective benefits, and reduction in chronic inflammation.

Studies have revealed that not only can curcumin manage inflammation caused by several health conditions (or causing these conditions), but reduces exercise induced inflammation and muscle soreness too. 


Ingredients & their benefits (click each title for more info)

We are currently working on our full formulation so the ingredients of our Liposomal Turmeric derived Curcuminoids are yet to be confirmed. This page is currently live to get you as excited about this product as we are!

We are currently working on our full formulation so the ingredients of our Liposomal Turmeric derived Curcuminoids are yet to be confirmed. This page is currently live to get you as excited about this product as we are!

If you are taking prescribed or regular medication you should consult a trusted medical professional before starting a course of cannabis food supplements.

Do not take this product if you are pregnant or nursing.

This food supplement is not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease. Do not substitute for a very diet.



How do we make our Curcuminoids more bioavailable (so easily absorbed)?

The Turmeric derived Curcuminoids inside each bottle has been encapsulated within premium Liposomes. These are fatty bubble made up of lipids (fats). They resemble the building blocks that make the cells wall in our digestive system. 

Liposomes create a ‘shield’ for the delicate Curcuminoid compounds that protect them from the harsh environment in our gut, and allow the compounds to be seamlessly delivered into our blood stream. 

The encapsulation makes the Turmeric & Curcuminoid compouds absorbed exponentially better. Better for you & better for your body!


The data!

Up to 250% more bioavailable* compared to 'naked' Curcuminoids.

The bioavailability of traditional ‘naked’ Turmeric Curcuminoids is estimated to be less than 1% [source] which means that it is extremely difficult for our body to absorb the delicate active compounds. Curcuminoids are also poorly dissolved in water, have poor permeability and very poor absorbability. It is estimated that Liposomes can increase the bioavailability of a bioactive by 400%Not only do Liposomes increase the amount of bioactives in your bloodstream, but they stay there for significantly longer

More protection in the gut!

The active Curcuminoids in Turmeric are quite delicate and are easily degraded by our digestive system. When Turmeric is encapsulated within a Liposomal bubble, it is given a fatty ‘shield’ which helps it survive. Some suggest that Liposomes make substances up to 10x more protective, meaning more of the bioactive is absorbed, over a longer period of time. 

Improved Cognitive function
Gut & gut biome health
Reduces oxidative stress
Cardio protective
Chronic inflammation reduction
Metabolic energy


It is quite common to see curcumin paired with black pepper. Piperine, found in pepper, slows the degradation of curcumin, and some claims suggest it increases the bioavailability of curcuminoids dramatically. This is beneficial, but the downside is that piperine can impact medications and interact with other substances.

Thanks to our liposomal encapsulation, we do not need to use pepper. The curcuminoids themselves are protected within their lipo-shell and are shielded from the harsh environment in our gut, which might otherwise degrade the active compounds. Liposomes are produced from natural fatty compounds, with improve biocompatibility and therefore, reduces the risk of toxicity. 

If you are under regular medical supervision or take regular medications, you should speak to a medical professional before taking any supplements (including a Liposomal turmeric supplement). 

Yes! Absolutely. There are many of the benefits that our Liposomal turmeric derived curcuminoids, and they are safe to take together. 

However, if you are on regular medication, then it may be best to chat to your GP. 

If you’ve tried other Turmeric supplements before, you may have accidently caught a mouthful of Turmeric. While it is delicious in a dish, on it’s own the experience is less than pleasant. Not to mention that Turmeric easily stains. 

Our Liposomal Turmeric is flavoured using citrus, so it has a nice light tangy flavour that is quite refreshing. 


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