Daemon Power T-Shirts

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Daemon Power Dry Wick 100% Recycled Polyester Technical T-shirt

In the same way that we take care and consideration for the provenance of every aspect of our supplements, we’ve ensured we’ve given the same attention to detail to our range of t-shirts and merchandise.

These are our standard branded technical sports t-shirts, designed for optimal performance and comfort. Each is made from 100% recycled polyester which has been collected from PET water bottle plastic, meaning that each t-shirt has removed plastics from our oceans and landfills.

For every shirt, 5 bottles are recycled. 

Each technical t-shirt is specifically designed for peak performance and comfort, during exercise. The dry-wicking of the t-shirt ensures that the fabric draws moisture away from your skin so it may evaporate quickly. While in use, the t-shirt will repel water and remain comfortable in all conditions. 

The wicking also ensures that the shirts are adaptive to your environment. They help to cool you in the hot and keep you warm in the cold. 


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