Our Impact: April 2020 – 2021

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Our Impact:
April 2021

This past year as been one of the hardest and most challenging that many of us have ever seen. With the unprecedented pressures of a global pandemic, the effects it has had on our working lives and the psychological impact of a year in lockdown. 

It has been a very long year indeed.

For us, the end of April 2021 marked 2 years since pen was put to paper, and the ideas behind CBDiablo were born.

So to put aside the doom and gloom for 15 or so minutes, we wanted to share something that is really special for us: the impact we have all (including you reading this, yes, you!) made in the last 24 months and to showcase some of the milestones that we have managed to achieve. 

Cue the infographic!

A Year of Hard Work

Over the last 24 months, we have had so many very high highs, and some crushing blows and disappointments.

Thanks to your continued support, of telling your friends, coming back to us month on month and sending us supportive messages, the last year has seen our business grow exponentially – and our donation has increased significantly despite the financial pressures of a growing enterprise.

We did not expect to be donating this amount of money within 2 years and we are working extremely hard to ensure that our donation grows, and continues to be a long term source of support for CALM. 

As you can see in the figures above, your support has enabled us to donate £11,525.27 between April 2019 April 2021. CALM estimates that each potentially life saving phone call costs £8: this means that our donations have helped answer 1440 calls. That’s 60 calls per month, and over 2 calls per day

You’re the reason why this is happening! So thank you!!

Looking Forward

It cannot be ignored, that the pandemic has had an enormous impact on the mental wellbeing of millions of people in the UK, and many, many more globally. The impact is yet to come full into view.  We are quite literally coming out of one crisis, and heading into another – a mental health crisis. 

CALM have seen a 37% increase in calls since the first week of lockdown, so it is clear that their phone line, and support for mental health services, has never been so valuable as it is right now. 

The next year for us will be focusing more on capitalising on the new market requirements, and increasing our brand awareness across many business sectors and across the UK.

We’re slowly grinding away to increase our donation to CALM raise awareness about mental health and push ourselves to create  longevity for our business and for our support for CALM.