One Fix Cannabis

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The One Fix Cannabis campaign is a cannabis campaign from the guys behind the Craft Cannabis Alliance, and is intended to allow for interstate cannabis transfer. The One Fix Cannabis campaign would allow the Oregon governor to approve licensed, interstate cannabis transfers, which is the first step in a multi-faceted effort to allow the interstate sale of cannabis. Smith believes it is the only way to save Oregon’s unique industry.

Currently the website is down, so we thought we’d explain what the campaign is about.


If the campaign was to work, it would allow Oregon to open up state lines and allow for legal transfer to other markets with cannabis programs. Because the quality of Oregon products is so high, it would be great for Oregon to be able to provide this product to other states.

Furthermore, as stated by the organisers of the campaign:

“Interstate export would immediately end Oregon’s oversupply problem and stabilize prices. It would save hundreds of local businesses and family farms that are currently at risk of collapse, preserving hundreds of millions of dollars in local capital, and thousands of jobs.”

So if you’d like to support this campaign, head to the Craft Cannabis Alliance website and contact them for more information.