Is It Safe To Drive on CBD?

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Is It Safe To Drive While Taking CBD Oil?


The ability to drive is often the source of our livelihoods, freedoms, and happiness. The freedom that a vehicle can give us cannot be underestimated in our modern society.

Cannabis is most commonly known as a prohibited recreational drug that is used for people to get ‘high’. This notion is being challenged as an understanding of the plant is unlocked through research and this ‘evil’ or ‘harmful’ plant is starting to be known for it’s wide range of beneficial wellbeing outcomes.

As there is a rise in the use of Cannabis-derived products, there is also a concern that these products can either affect your ability to drive or, for those who are professional drivers and are subject to regular drugs tests, cause you to fail a drug test and lose your job (or worse, your licence).

So- Is it safe to drive while using CBD? Let us answer this question and clear up all of your worries.


CBD & Driving

In short, yes – it is completely perfectly fine to drive while taking CBD.

As you may be aware, THC is the cannabinoid compound that is responsible for the rush of euphoria that is known as a high. Other side effects of THC can be drowsiness, lethargy, interrupted motor skills, lack of spacial or time awareness, and in very extreme cases the worsening of mental health issues (such as anxiety, depression and more). It is worth noting that THC has huge potential for modern-day well-being, but it should be treated (like everything) with respect and caution.

It is for all of these reasons that consuming THC rich cannabis (the currently illegal stuff) can severely affect a person’s ability to drive or operate heavy machinery when consumed in large (or concentrated amounts).

CBD however, is almost the antithesis to THC, and works completely differently. CBD is not psychoactive and has not been found to cause any harmful adverse psychoactive side effects or affect our ability to coordinate our movements. In short- CBD will not affect your ability to drive.

There are some of our products which do contain a small amount of THC, and there is a very good reason for this. Full-spectrum CBD oils/or paste are considered as the ‘best’ CBD products that can be purchased based on a natural process known as the ‘Entourage effect’. This is when the cannabinoids (and phytochemicals) work together to regulate and enhance their benefits. There is an argument that suggests THC is essential to maximize the impact that CBD has.

Each of these full-spectrum oils, however, contain less than 0.2% THC which is the current UK legal limit. At this level (as long as you take the recommended dose), while the THC is still active inside your body, it is certainly not enough to impact your motor skills or ability to drive.


Drug Tests

If you are a professional driver or are somebody who is regularly drug tested for their occupation, there is a worry a CBD oil that contains even the smallest amount of THC will cause a fail in a drug test. The implications of this can be huge- it can mean the loss of your license, your job or a potential criminal charge. Scary stuff right?

Well, even though it is very, very unlikely that our products will contain enough THC to cause a positive result in a test, it is not unheard of and we cannot guarantee that THC will not be detected. Therefore, a full-spectrum CBD oil may be completely off the table.

It is for this very reason that we have produced a THC free angelic CBD oil range or CBD sprays. They are designed to contain 0% THC and still contain a broad-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural hemp phytochemicals (to ensure the synergetic benefits of the plant can be achieved). These are ideal for those who are regularly tested, drive professionally, athletes, or those who simply do not wish to consume THC. A lot of time and effort has gone into the formulas to ensure that the  CBD is as effective as possible, without the presence of THC.

So, you can get your daily dose of Cannabinoids without the worry for it impacting your future!


Driving this to a conclusion

Sorry in advance for the awful pun… but to bring this journey to an end we can clear up that it is absolutely safe to drive while using a CBD oil and while full-spectrum oils maybe a little too risky for some, there are THC free options to ensure that you can stay calm and drive on!

If you are here to try some CBD then you may certainly be interested in our range of full-spectrum (contains THC) oils & paste: 5% / 500mgs Dina, 10% / 1000mgs Diablo & 1000mgs CBD paste. For those who like it strong, or without THC we have the 15% / 1500mg Dian, 20% / 2000mgs Deity, the 2.5% Cherub, 5% Virtue & 7.5% Ophanim!