Is CBD Oil Addictive?

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Is CBD Oil Addictive?

There is a long, and a short answer to this: Is CBD Oil Addictive? No. CBD oils are not addictive. It is not chemically or psychologically addictive.

The long answer to whether or not CBD oil is addictive:

Chemicals that are addictive change the way our brains feel pleasure & trigger physical changes to some nerve neurons in our nervous system. In short, they change the way our bodies work and can have lasting implications and side effects. CBD has not been found to change the way our body works nor does it produce a psychoactive reaction like THC, so it cannot be chemically or psychologically (if you become addicted to the high/ feeling that THC gives you) addictive.

After several studies, CBD was found to have no major side effects, no overt symptoms of overdose, nor was it susceptible to abuse. Which is fantastic news! CBD does not have an impact on our motor or psychological functions, and it does not have an impact on our blood pressure, heart rate or body temperature, in the same way, that THC does; THC is known to be somewhat addictive.

CBD, as a compound attaches itself to a network of receptors, called the Endocannabinoid System and supports your body during healthy bodily functions and helps your body achieve homeostasis. Consider it much like amino-acids which can be found in a balanced diet- they are amazing at supporting your body do its job, rather than changing the job entirely.

Can you get withdrawal symptoms from CBD?

As CBD is not addictive so you cannot suffer from withdrawal symptoms, and there is very little evidence to suggest that stopping suddenly will have any impact on you at all. Only that the well-being benefits of CBD may slowly start to disappear.

While CBD is not addictive, it’s ‘bad’ brother THC can be. THC has an impact on our motor and psychological functions which creates a ‘high’. Chemically, this high is caused by a flood of ‘happy chemicals’ that are triggered which THC attaches to our cannabinoid receptors. An addiction to the effects of THC are quite common, and there are withdrawal symptoms that follow a sharp stop if you consume THC regularly. Often heavy users report a dry mouth, nausea and vivid, lucid dreams along with a huge impact on their mental health. This is due to the way that THC changes our physical psychological functions. Is CBD Oil addictive? When it has high levels of THC in it, it very well could be.