How To Make Your Own CBD Oil

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How To Make Your Own CBD Oil at Home

Ok, so you are the adventurous type and you like to make things yourself! Great, you’re just our kind of person. So we are going to share some knowledge with you that you are going to love. We are going to show you how to make your own CBD Oil!


If you find that this process is a little but unnecessary or if you need an oil stronger that 750mgs, we have some ready-made: 500mgs/ 5%, 1000mgs/ 10%, 1500mgs/ 5% & 2000mgs/ 20% 🙂


Why should you try DIY CBD Oil?

The most important thing about taking CBD is finding your perfect dose and balance. This journey is about understanding your body and finding the perfect balance of cannabinoids, which flavours you like, and which way is best to take CBD for you! Personally, being able to try different blends, formulas and concentrations of CBD without having to go and buy a load of different brands has been amazing (and saved so much money). So, do you want to start your journey of CBD self-discovery? Well, here is how to make your own DIY CBD Oil or Tincture!


Things you need!

  • A Bottle with a Pipette (10ml preferably)
  • A healthy oil of your choice (Hemp, Coconut, MCT, Olive, Vegetable or even a distillate CBD oil)
  • A Hemp Extract/ CBD Paste
  • Yourself


So, How do You Make CBD Oil?

This is a very easy step by step guide. This process, in short, is about working out how strong you need the oil to be, what carrier oil you want to choose & actually making the mixture!

Step One- Work out your strength

Ok- so first, you just need to think about where you want to start- How much CBD do you want?. If you are a new user, it is best to start with a low dose and if you have tried CBD before, maybe you already know. You need to work out what concentration you want your DYI CBD oil to be, and you do this by working out how many mgs of CBD you want per 10mls of liquid (which is why a 10ml bottle is easiest).

Our whole 10ml tube of CBD paste is 1000mg of total cannabinoids. Here are the concentrations below if you put the amount into an empty 10ml bottle.

  • 1/4 of the tube = 250mg (2.5% CBD Oil)
  • 1/2 of the tube= 500mg (5% CBD Oil)
  • 3/4 of the tube = 750mg (7.5% CBD Oil)

Things get a little more complex when you start increasing the concentration to higher than 750mg in a 10ml bottle. If you put the whole tube of paste into the bottle, the consistency will be way too thick and it will be very difficult to get out of the bottle. So if you want a higher concentration of CBD oil you need to start off the oil with some CBD content- so you would use a carrier oil that is infused with a distillate (this just means that the oil still has CBD in it, but is still quite light) then you would add on top. So, a 500mg CBD oil plus a 1/2 tube of paste will make a 1000mg CBD oil (10% in a 10ml bottle). Easy right!?


Step 2- Choose a Carrier Oil

Now that you have worked out how strong you want the oil to be, you want to think about the qualities, flavours and other beneficial factors that the oils should have; this is all down to the carrier oil that you use to create your DIY CBD Oil. Your choice of Oil can depend on what you are looking to use the oil for too- if you are trying to make a balm, or oil for skin, or hair then you would choose your base appropriately.


So, here is a list of Oils that we would suggest and a list of their benefits in a tincture:


If you were looking to make a CBD oil for your hair or skin – Use Coconut oil, Castor Oil or Jojoba oil. You can even add your paste to butter if you want to spread it on your toast!

After trying several oils, by far the best for me is either MCT or Coconut oil. I feel like tincture has a lighter taste, I feel like I have more energy during the day and I can eat the coconut with a spoon (when it is frozen in the winter). That is just my personal preference. There is also nothing wrong with a blend of different oils, it is down to what you want to achieve with your DYI CBD Tincture.


Step 3- Make your CBD Oil!

This is the fun part: So, you know how much CBD you want and you know what oil you want to use. Now it is time to start the magic.

  1. Empty as much CBD paste as you have planned into the bottom of the empty bottle
  2. Add the oil and make sure that you leave a gap of at least 3cm or 4cm before the top (leave enough room for the oil to move)
  3. Put the lid on and give your bottle a really good shake until the paste has been fully broken down.
  4. Top your oil up and leave it to rest (the paste will take some time to fully infuse into the oil).

It is as easy as that. You will notice that the oil is thick, dark, spicy and pungent, and therefore, needs a good shake before you take some oil.


Video Evidence

Jankie video warning! Recently, we posted a little video on social media showing you this process of exactly how to make your own CBD oil- you can see this video attached below.. or check out or other blog posts about Melatonin & more 😀


Now You Know How To Make CBD Oil at Home