Relinquish your Demons with CBG

CBG Oil is set to be the forefront of the most exciting phase of canna-well-being since CBD oil. Like CBD, CBG (Cannabigerol) is a Cannabinoid that is derived from the Cannabis family of plants and has been associated with a wide range of well-being benefits. You may also be surprised to know that CBG is actually the ‘original’ Cannabinoid as it is the precursor for the most abundant Cannabinoids; CBDa, THCa & CBCa. Cannabis produces the raw acid compound CBGa which is broken down (by Synthesis & Decarboxylation) into the other Cannabinoids when exposed to heat and ultra-violet light. So in most cases, CBGa is almost immediately broken down into CBD or THC.

We are really excited to be launching a new range of organic CBG oils and pastes from the UK coming into 2021. These oils will be completely organic, 100% natural and will be absolutely the very best that science can produce. If you liked CBD, you’re going to love CBG!

Our CBG Oil & PAste from the UK

The most important aspect of our products is what is in the bottle. Above anything else, we want to ensure that our products are as good as nature intended, if not better. We are currently putting a lot of time and love into our Cannabinoid & Terpene rich CBG formulas to ensure that they are uniquely effective and great value for money. Everything we do is organic, lab-tested, 100% natural and bottled right here in the UK.


In the meantime, while we toil over producing the finest CBG oils and pastes that we can, we offer whole plant & full spectrum Hemp Oils, supercharged CBD MCT oils & a powerful raw CBD whole plant paste. All of which contain a healthy dose of CBG and a wide range of other Cannabinoids. Choose from 500mg1000mg1500mg & 2000mg CBD Oils and Raw CBD paste

The Wonder of CBG

So, what is CBG? Well, like CBD, it is a non-psychoactive Phytocannabinoid that is derived from Cannabis. CBGa is the precurser for almost every other abundant Cannabinoid including CBDa, THCa, and CBCa. When the CBGa is produced, it is almost immediately broken down into either CBD or THC through a process of Synthesis & Decarboxylation when exposed to heat and ultraviolet light. 


In nature, CBG is only found in very small concentrations in the flower and leaves of Cannabis, but in recent years clever lab-coats have been able to breed strains of flowers that are CBG rich. This makes the production of CBD oils, pastes, isolates and even CBG flowers much more cost effective. Although CBG is more minor than CBD, it is a very exciting development for Cannabis products and may serve as a targeted alternative to different aspects of well-being. 

CBG attaches itself to our Endocannabinoid System which is a network of receptors spread right acorss our bodies. It is known to attach more to the CB1 receptor but research in ongoing into the compound so we are yet to see its full potential. As the Cannabis market is growing, we are learning much more about these fantastic compounds and how they can improve our well-being. As it stands, you are more likely to find CBG in true full spectrum CBD oils and pastes as it serves as a fantastic accompaniment to CBD- therefore, CBG is going to be part of the Entourage Effect.