CBD Oil VS CBD Vape | What is the difference?

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What is the difference between CBD Oils & CBD Vapes?

The use of CBD is wide and varied. It has been rolled up within the ‘wellness’ industry but at the end of the day, it is the second most abundant component of cannabis; a plant well known for being smoked.

As technology has advanced, the way in which cannabinoids are inhaled has changed slightly. These days, concentrated oils (called distillates) are being put into cartridges, flavoured with terpenes, gently heated and are inhaled using a pen. These are much more discrete, more potent and sometimes more enjoyable than the flower itself.

The other alternative is that you are reading this post and wondering whether you should be buying a vape or something else? We thought that we would take the time to discuss some of the benefits of vaping CBD and compare it to taking a CBD oil.



CBD Vape vs Oils

As a way to start with, we thought that we would compare two different ways of consuming CBD and the merits of both. CBD oils are where most people start their journey lets start there:


CBD Oils, Pastes & Edibles

  • Great for wellbeing & general benefits
  • Low impact on the body (really good for you)
  • Builds up over time, but lasts longer
  • Easy to dose and manage
  • Part of a healthy diet


Edible CBD products (like oils, capsules, pastes and gummies) are all absorbed very differently from vapes. For example, edibles (like capsules) affect the lower-end of your digestive system as they are absorbed there; because of this, the CBD in our system builds up more slowly and the effects are more general/body-wide. It also means a lot of the cannabinoids are wasted during the digestive process and metabolism process in the liver. While much of the cannabinoids are wasted, the effects last longer and the build-up can result in a long-lasting boost in wellness.

With a CBD oil, the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream when put under the tongue and then absorbed via the digestive system when swallowed. So oils are a perfect middle-ground for an effective long and short term CBD dose.

With all edible forms of CBD, there will be some wastage of the cannabinoids and the levels of cannabinoids will need time to build up to have full effects – our body is made of water so an oil-based compound like CBD makes it difficult to be absorbed. The bioavailability of CBD always up for debate but depending on what resources you read, the estimate is that our body uses between 17% and 30% of the CBD at a time. This will change with Liposomal CBD products.

One of the biggest benefits of edible CBD that it is low impact on our body – it’s really good for you! The oils and edibles are designed to improve your general well-being and to improve your standard of life. Our body is a delicate environment and the best way to preserve and protect it is via an edible daily food supplement.



  • Recreational, not for direct wellbeing
  • Fast-acting instant hit of cannabinoids
  • Much more intense and noticeable effects
  • Enjoyable flavours and great for relaxing with
  • A super alternative to smoking THC cannabis
  • Ideal for combining with a daily CBD food supplement


Vapes are very different as the cannabinoids are absorbed through your lungs. The cannabinoids are diffused directly into your bloodstream in a high concentration: the CBD misses the digestive system and liver so much less of it is wasted in our body (but almost 95% of the cannabinoids are exhaled).

Inhaling the vapour results in a huge spike of cannabinoids in the bloodstream which peaks and fades over the period of about 1-2 hours.

Most users report an intense ‘hit’ which is great for a short sharp blast. While oils and edibles build up slowly and have more general effects on our body, the effects of vapes tend to go as quickly as they came with few long-lasting benefits. It means that they are perfect as a dose of high-strength CBD as and when you feel you need it. You can happily combine a daily dose of the oil, and a vape to enjoy at any time.

We see vapes as more of a recreational product that should not necessarily be considered as a ‘wellbeing alternative’. Other than air, nothing you breathe in is good for you, so the vapes are in our minds should not be seen as ‘healthy’ in any way.

The cannabis vapes are more suited as a product to enjoy and to relax with. There is a misconception that vaping cannabis extracts is less harmful than smoking tobacco, but this has not been confirmed by science and there are still risks involved with vaping cannabis extracts.

We found that cannabinoid vapes are a fantastic alternative to smoking (tobacco and THC cannabis). More often than not, people who smoke lots of cannabis enjoy the flavours but do not want the side effects which come with high THC strains during the day. Terpene infused vapes taste and smell like cannabis without the psychoactive effects so are great for a daytime break from THC.


In Conclusion – Should I use CBD Oil or a Vape?

So, if you’re considering trying CBD then you may need to think a little bit about why you’re taking the CBD in the first place. If the purpose is general wellbeing, then an oil/edible is for you. If you would like something fun to relax with, or as an alternative to smoking then the vape is a great place to be. If you don’t know, why not try both!?