THC Free CBD Oil & What are the Benefits?

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THC Free CBD Oil & What are the Benefits?

THC is the cannabinoid that makes Cannabis notorious. It is the ‘bad’ one of the Cannabinoid world down to the fact that it is among the few Cannabinoids which are psychoactive (means that it alters your state of mind). THC is the cause of the ‘high’ that people experience when smoking/ ingesting (currently) illegal Cannabis. For that very reason, THC has been prohibited by the Misuse of drugs act 1971 which means that it is illegal to possess or consume substances containing THC.

As time has passed, and more research has been completed we see that THC has been largely misunderstood and actually does have a wide range of benefits for your well-being (so long as it is taken with caution of course). For instance, our full-spectrum products contain a very small amount of THC (less than 0.2% which is the legal amount)- and those who try them can really feel the difference. This is partly down to what is called the ‘entourage effect‘. There is a big argument for including THC in a CBD oil formula!

But for some, even this small amount of THC maybe a little too much- particularly for professionals who are regularly drugs tested (like police, athletes, drivers etc…), or those who simply do not want to consume any THC whatsoever. In all honestly, while we would suggest that the full-spectrum oils are more effective, sometimes it is just not worth the risk!

That is why a THC free option is a good thing to have- but what actually are 0% THC CBD oils and what are the benefits?

What is a THC Free CBD oil?

A CBD Oil which is THC free is exactly what it says on the tin. Or is it? Technically, it is extremely difficult (pretty much impossible to be honest) to irradicate all traces of THC from a hemp-based product. So most of the time, even a 0% THC oil does contain either THCa or THCv which are not psychoactive. The only way that you can completely eradicate THC is by having an isolated CBD formula, which is not acceptable for human consumption according to the FSA (& the Cannabis Trades Association).

What makes a CBD oil THC Free, is a THC level of less than 0.0%. Most of the THC free CBD oils on the market do contain the previously mentioned raw THC molecules (THCa & THCv) but they usually only account for about 0.02% of the formula, which is bearly even detectable in the bottle (nevermind once it has passed through your body). It makes these products ideal for those who are regularly tested for controlled substances.


The Benefits of 0% THC?

Although there are many (maybe most people) in the CBD industry have a strong stance on the benefits of THC, there are many of us who would just prefer that there is no THC present at all. Particularly if you fall into the category of a being a police officer, teacher, professional driver or a professional athlete.

While you would be very unlucky to test positive while using a full-spectrum CBD oil, there have been instances where THC has been detected while being tested. It is very, very rare (and often it is found that the product contained more THC than was advertised) but for obvious reason, a negative on a spot-test cannot be guaranteed. There are too many variables to consider. 0% THC CBD oils contain such a low level of the raw THC compounds that it is bearly traceable in the bottle and will not be detected in a drug test. So they just give you that little bit more confidence that you can get your daily dose of CBD, without getting yourself accidentally into trouble.

Secondly, to be able to achieve a THC free CBD oil, the hemp plant must be refined down to a distillate, which only contains the cannabinoids & other valuable oils (like Terpenes). During this process, the plant matter, which is what gives hemp its strong ‘acquired’ taste, is removed leaving a substance that has very little flavor at all. Our THC free CBD oils have been produced with MCT oil (from Coconut) which in itself is almost tasteless. It makes them ideal for those who do not like the hempy flavours that put many off!

Is THC Free CBD Oil for you?

If you came here to see if you can find yourself THC free CBD oils then you have come to the right place. We have produced a range of low, and high strength CBD oils THC free! You can find them in our store 😀