Organic CBD Flowers!

Get Your Hands on CBD Buds

One of our favorite CBD products is the CBD Flower. Also known as the Hemp Flower, Legal Weed or Legal Cannabis, this is the closest thing you can get to the real deal. While we do not advocate the abuse of illegal drugs, we do think it is an exciting prospect very exciting to be able to sell something that is pure, natural and completely taboo!

Flowers can be vaped, with vapes or other accessories.

Unfortunately, CBD buds are considered as illegal to sell in the UK (unless it is sold as ‘hemp tea’) and therefore, we have taken this product down from our website 🙁

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We do know of some fantastic Hemp Tea which is rich in CBD & CBDa, but that is about all we can help you with 🙂

CBD Flower Law UK 2019:
Is it Legal in the UK?

The CBD flower UK law 2019 is something many people ask about- Is CBD flower legal in the UK? Well, this is a grey area at the moment and a lot of heat is surrounding companies who sell this in the UK. We ourselves have taken the flowers down from our website. Companies have been raided and a payment gateway (even a CBD friendly one) do not accept payment for Hemp Buds (often sold as Hemp Tea)

Because flowers look almost exactly the same as some illegal cannabis, it is easy for people mistake this product as illegal. In fact, this flower is currently legal as long as there is less than 0.2% CBD, but in practice, possessing and selling the flower could get you in trouble.

Despite that fact these re legal, we are going to have to hold back on selling our beautiful CBDiablo organic hemp flower (and we found some really good stuff) until there is widespread and regular understanding of the differences between legal cannabis, and full THC cannabis.

The issue that we find with CBD or organic Hemp Flower in the UK is that the higher the percentage, either the plant itself has been tampered with (CBD isolate used to increase the potency) or the plant has an illegal level of THC. The legal limit is 0.2% THC, and many strong cannabis flowers that you can buy in the UK, if tested, could get you in a little bit of bother. Be careful of cannabis flower that is more than 7% – we try not to sell anything stronger so we can be sure we are on the right side of the law.

CBD buds however, cannot be sold as something you can smoke. Strangely, you will see on the packets that CBD flower is ‘not for human consumption’ or that it is for ‘decorative’ purposes…what?! In light of this the CBD flower UK Law prevents anybody from selling it to be smoked and vaped, even though that is what most people do with it.

Whatever the law, or legality on these products, we have to wait until the guidelines are clearer before we can sell them.

Hemp flowers UK wide look, smells and taste like Cannabis; the reason being, it is Cannabis! You can get both Indica & Sativa CBD flowers out there.

Don’t worry though because just like CBD Oil (500mg/5%, 1000mg/10%, 1500mg/15% & 2000mg/20% – (like our 2.5%/500mg , 5% / 1000mg oil, 7.5% / 1500mg CBD Oil)is our full range of CBD oils), or CBD paste this Cannabis is completely legal in the UK and you can find it on the high street in certain vape shops. You can even get cannabis products for your pets!

(disclaimer: Hemp is part of the cannabis family. It doesn’t make you high so is not the kind of cannabis that makes your granny see elephants. This is a super fragrant and chilling experience without the THC which is prohibited in the UK and is called ‘weed’)

Buy Organic Hemp Buds & Flowers

We reserve the shit-hot buds for the very best people; you guys. We were certain we didn’t want CBD flowers that were tampered with or second rate so we have gone all out to source proper organic CBD buds that are produced just as nature intended them to be. Lets get to business – have a look below to buy organic hemp buds that will blow the cobwebs out… and then some. 

CBD Flowers Wholesale

For sure, flowers are going to be the next big thing, especially when they are as organic and quality as we have seen them being produced. We are selling CBD flowers wholesale to retailers and other CBD companies so if you are looking for a pure, organic and completely legal CBD buds then look no further. All you need to do is get in touch and enquire about CBD flower wholesale!

Benefits of CBD flower

Hemp flowers are the newest, and oldest way to consume CBD. The benefits of hemp flower are all down to the fact that the source is completely natural and just as nature had intended them to be. The flowers are packed with natural levels of CBD and terpenes such as Caryophyllene, Linalool, Humulene and Myrcene which have their own health and well being benefits. Much Like CBD MCT Oil the CBD is absorbed really quickly into your body.

The benefit of CBD Buds is to stimulate the endocannabinoid system exactly how nature intended. 

How To Use Hemp Buds?

As stated above, legally, you are not allowed to advertise many of the uses for hemp flower. So put it on your mantel piece, look at it, hug it but DON’T IGNORE THE WARNINGS.

If you are like us and ignore the warnings, here are a couple of ways that ‘some people’ enjoy CBD flower UK wide. 

Flowers can be vaped, with vapes or accessories


Metal Vaporizer

A favourite with us is to use the Dynavap M – you can find it on amazon and they are pretty effective. A metal vape is specifically designed to vaporize the compounds and cannabinoids that are found in dried ‘erbs. Although it seems pretty expensive (and it is quite small) you get a clean and effective dose of CBD. You do not need to use a lot of Hemp Flower so it is quite cost effective much, much better for you than a roll up where almost all of the CBD gets wasted. 


Hemp Flower Tea

This one is easy and very popular – grab a bud and steap it in hot water with some black or green tea (maybe leave the kettle 5 minutes after it has been boiled). You can add different flavorings however, some citrus fruits can prevent the CBD from being absorbed in your body effectively. We recommend some cucumber.


You can even enjoy this naturally CBD infused drink cold. Add some black or green tea into a large jug with some fruit. Add the hot water and CBD buds as usual and stir. Once it has cooled to roughly room temperature put it into the fridge to cool. 


Green Cream!

Known as ‘Green Cream’ hemp buds infused with Coconut oil is a perfect CBD infused skin and hair treatment. It is a fantastic remedy for skin conditions and hair loss as well as being fantastic for your general skin health. If you are looking for a 100% natural skin moisturizer or natural sun protection, green cream is exactly what you should be using! 

Green Cream is perfect for localized CBD application. It is easy to apply topically and is absorbed into the skin directly. You can make this at home by following these instructions.

Hemp Flower From London to Edinburgh & Scotland

We know that there are plenty of vape and pipe shops which sell Hemp flower in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland in general. We are here to say don’t bother – the flower in ‘branchy’ and the buds are of poor quality. So much so that we used it for our photo shoot. We are sourcing fully organic hemp flower that blows any flower in Edinburgh and Scotland out of the water. Put it this way, we wouldn’t sell it if we didn’t love it ourselves.