CBD Concentrates & Dabs (CBD Wax & Crumble)

If there is anything we love, it is a naturally powerful CBD crumble that is flavoured naturally with real plant terpenes. Now, we’re not messing here when we say that we have a whole range of Broad Spectrum CBD Wax / Crumble flavoured naturally with strain terpene profiles for you terp chasers out there.

CBD crumble (or CBD wax) is extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction and then distilled into a brittle, waxy crumb. We utilise sophisticated techniques to produce a small batch handcrafted batch of unquestionable quality CBD concentrate with a strong flavour. The kind you can feel. 

If it is an authentic vaping, or dabbing experience you’re after, we have a whole range of amazing CBD concentrates designed with terp-chasers (like us) in mind. 

Our exceptional CBD concentrates are broad-spectrum which means that they do not contain active levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC – you can enjoy the flavour and effect of CBD without the ‘high’. We have taken a whole load of time to research the best producers in Europe to develop our naturally terpene rich, and clean formula. 


Our Organic CBD Crumble (Wax) & Distillate dab Cartridges

If you have stubbled onto this page then you have found a the darkest, most secret corner of our website. We are VERY close to completing the final stages of our CBD crumbles / wax and concentrates range. We are launching a unique range of naturally terpene flavoured broad-spectrum crumbles, and industry leading full-spectrum dab/vape pen cartridges which use brand new 2021 technology. These will blow any vape cartridge you have out of the water.

What Are CBD Concentrates?

We imagine that if you have found this page, then you will have a decent knowledge of what a CBD concentrates are, but if not – this bit is for you. 

In very simple terms, they are a very high potency form of CBD that are designed to be vapourised (or made into a CBD oil). They are usually produced from the extract of the cannabis plant. This extract is referred to as a ‘distillate’ and is usually syrupy in texture. Sweet Like Honey. 

These are popular for those who want a big hit, with the authentic dabbing experience. The formula is perfect for a potent hit of cannabinoids but also perfect for those who love the uniqueness of cannaroma! They are for terp-chasers who love to experiment with cannabis in all its forms. 

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

There are many forms of concentrates on the market at the moment – most of them are very similar but there are subtle differences which make a big difference to the way in which they can be used. 

  • Distillate – Often referred to as Oil, this is a thick and oily extract that you find in vape carts or a tincture.
  • CBD Wax – CBD Wax a dry extract that is used with wax pens and dab rigs. It is also known as crumble.
  • Live Resin – Live Resin is an extract from fresh frozen flower and have potent levels of terpenes.
  • Sauce – This is a terpene-rich hybrid of runny oil and chunky crystals (potent in usually THC but can be CBD too). Must be kept cool and can be used on dab rigs. 
  • Diamonds – Diamonds are usually a crystalline formation found in the sauce. These must be kept nice and cool. 
  • Isolate – Just pure straight up isolated cannabinoids. This is a white powder that is very cheap to buy and find. 
  • Kief – This is a potent green golden dust which is from cannabis resin glands (trichomes). This stuff can be collected at the bottom of your grinder. 
  • Budder – This is light, creamy and whispy. It is a golden colour and is produced with super high-quality methods using fresh frozen buds. 
  • Shatter – Shatter is similar to Rosin in its amber clear colour, but has the texture of glass. It is brittle and can be broken into shards that are dabbed onto a rig. 
  • Flan – This is the very top of the range for pure and terpy. Flan is wet and highly refined. This is the cream of concentrates. 
  • Rosin – This is thick and amber-like honey. It is completely natural and produced with solvents. It is really popular and can even be made at home. 
  • Bubble Hash – This is a dry product of ice water agitation and screen filtration production methods. Bubble Hash comes in a wide range of colours and with different terpene profiles. 

How To Use CBD Crumble / Wax

While it may seem a little scary at first, CBD concentrates and crumbles are very easy to use when your know-how. More often than not, the products are ‘dabbed’. This is when a small amount is vapourised on a glass rig or bong. 

You can also quite easily purchase a vape pen that is compatible for vaping extracts and concentrates. You can buy them at a range of headshops. 

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