Cannabis Terpenes

Botanical & Cannabis Derived Terpenes

Cannabis Terpenes are the unsung heros of some of the best CBD oils on the market. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are produced by a wide range of plants and fruits, but mainly Cannabis. These compounds are responsible for the flavours and aromas of Cannabis, and as the ratios of Terpenes change so do the characteristics of the plant.

Terpenes are essential to the Entourage Effect and do alter the way in which our bodies use cannabinoids. This makes them an essential part of what makes full-spectrum CBD oil and Pastes so effective.

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The nature of terpenes is that they are best when they are kept fresh. Especially when it comes to cannabis derived terpenes – which are extremely limited in the UK. 

Cannabis Derived Terpenes are both exclusive and expensive, but thanks to our wide network of supply, we are able to source cannabis derived terpenes directly from the source. With Botanical terpenes, we can create pretty much any cannabis inspired strain you’re looking for. 

So, if you’re looking to buy either of the cannabis terpenes in the UK, send us a message and we can send you a menu of everything we have!


Just from reading the name you may be able to guess where Pinene gets its name? That’s right, from Pines. You may also find Pinene in rosemary, basil, dill, some citrus fruit peels & pine nuts. It’s aroma is famously woody, deep, rich and earthy. Grab a handful of Pines or Rosemary and rub the pines between your hands; that is the aromas you are looking for.


Myrcene is a terpene that is most commonly associated with the Indica strain of Cannabis, but it can be found in Bay leaves, Hops, Thyme, Mangos, Lemongrass and Cannabis. Its is identified by its musky, earthy and herbal aroma that is akin to that of Cardimans and Cinnamon.


Now, this one is for those who like the tang of citrus. As the name suggests, Limonene can be found in Lemon, Lime & Grapefruit Rinds (most citrus skins, actually), Peppermint, Rosemary, Juniper and Cannabis. It has a tangy citrusy aroma that is very identifiable. If you scrape a citrus fruit skin with a fork or take in the scents of a freshly peeled orange, then this is the aroma of Limonene. It is partly why adding Citrus rind to cooking or a Cocktail is so popular!


Although Linalool is considered as a minor Terepene in Hemp and Cannabis, it is certainly the one you are guaranteed to be one of your all-time favourite scents; Lavander. Linalool is found in over 200 plants including, Mint, Nettles, Sage, Oregano & Thyme, Citrus Rind, Cinnamon, Rosewood and Cannabis. The aroma is distinctly floral in character- get yourself some Lavander oil to put in the bath. Glorious!


Humulene is another minor Terepene that has a distinct aroma that IPA lovers will know well. It has a hoppy, woody and deeply earthy. This Terepene can be found in Corriander, Basil, Northern American, Asian and European Hop varieties, Gensing, Ginger, Cloves and Cannabis. Imagine a nice cold IPA on a summers day; Citrus bitterness and a floral punch.


Ocimene is most famous for its sweet, herbal and often woody aroma that is very similar to that of Myrcene. This Terepene can be found in a whole host of pungent plants such as Hops, Mangoes, Bergamot (a type of Citrus fruit commonly found in Northern Africa and the Gulf region), Basil, Lavender, Orchids, Pepper, Mint, Kumquats and Cannabis.


Caryophyllene is a very interesting compound as it is the only Terpene to act like a Cannabinoid and interact with our Endocannabinoid System. It’s aroma is peppery, spicey and woody- imagine a handful of cloves. Caryophyllene is found in Cloves (surprisingly), Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Hopes Oregano, Rosemary and Cannabis Sativa (Which includes Hemp).


Last, but certainly not least, Terpinolene is the really the key to making a Sativa CBD Oil different to an Indica Oil; Sativa CBD oils (like our Dina & Diablo) contain much higher levels of Terpinolene. The Terpene’s aroma is floral, piney and herbal, and it can be found in Apple Skins, Cardigans, Tea Tree Oil, Cumin, Lilacs and Cannabis.

Benefits of Terpenes UK

There are over 100 different types of terpenes and each have a different impact on your well-being. There is lots of research currently ongoing to establish some tangible benefits that can be associated with Terpenes. Terpenes can be found in some of the healthiest substances earth- Citrus fruit rind, cloves, hopes, rosemary, berries and much more. Each of these have numerous well-being benefits. 

As far as to what we can say, Terpenes help to regulate and enhance Cannabinoids.

You can also purchase terp sauce which is a type of concentrate 

How to use Terpenes 

Terpenes are very potent and should be used with caution. They come in very small bottles. 

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