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 So, you have been searching long and hard for a product that is of exceptional quality and that your customer base will love, and keep coming back?

Here at CBDiablo we are really proud about our branding and mission, but we are completely dedicated to making sure that the products we supply are industry leading in their formula’s & have a unique character which will make them jump off the shelf. There are three main objectives are to produce a fantastic quality range that it reliable, ethical & gives your customer a reason to repurchase!

We offer a wide range of wholesale services which can be tailored to your business: whether you love our brand, wish to start small, or create your own brand we can find a solution for your business. To us, this venture is much more than buying and selling; it is about your customers, it is about confidence in quality and sleeping soundly in the knowledge that you are directly contributing to the positive projects we are part of!


Our products are produced in an ISO9001 & BRCGS approved facility. We currently stock a range of CBD oils & tinctures, capsules, gummies & CBD concentrates including a raw hemp extract CBD crumble & vape cartridge kits


For more information & our wholesale brochure get in touch and email us at wholesale@cbdiablo.co.uk




Our Wholesale Services

How To Become a CBD Oil Distributor UK & CBD Wholesale


We have a number of different CBD wholesale services which can be catered to any business. See what we do: 

All of our branded ‘off the shelf’ products are available at competitive wholesale prices. We have established a unique and eye-catching brand that is produced here the UK.

We have built our brand around the quality of our products (which is industry leading) and ethical business practices, which has forged us a reputation as one of the most trusted CBD companies from the UK. You can take advantage of our hard work, and use our established branded range that jumps off the shelf, and offers something a little different. 

From our baseline wholesale CBD oils, our Pharmaceutical Ready THC Free CBD Sprays exceedingly popular and CBD pasteWhether you own a shop, pharmacy, an online health store or looking to start one, we can cater to a retailer of any size.

So, you’re looking to build your own brand, but need a tried and trusted range of CBD formulas? You can be sure our products are quality, reliable & trusted by our customers, so we know for a fact that they will be loved by yours too.

We offer a wide range of doses & formulas: whether you are looking for a whole plant full spectrum formula, or a lighter tasting rapidly absorbed THC free blend, we have the expertise to push you in the right direction.

We can also connect you with graphic designers, website & marketing specialists to help your venture explode 🙂

Our products are produced in an ISO9001 & BRCGS approved facility so be sure that they are receiving industry leading standards at every turn.


We are members of the Cannabis Trades Association which is a leading body in the fight protect businesses & consumers within the cannabis industry. Our business has been evaluated & products have undergone an audit to evaluate their quality, safety & whether they are regularly batch tested. This is a seal of approval that many companies aspire to. 

Our products are also produced in an ISO9001 & BRCGS approved facility.


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CBD PAste Wholesale UK

One of the wholesale CBD items that we are really proud of is our Organic CBD pasteEl Tenedor Del Diablo. This is a true full-spectrum and raw Cannabinoid paste that contains a wide range of naturally occurring Cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes and amino acids and takes full advantage of the entourage effect. There is really nothing like it. The formula contains a 60/40 split of CBD & CBDa, alongside CBC, CBG and less than 0.2% THC which gives this paste a real punch. To taste the paste is strong and earthy but has a floral afternote which contrasts to the bittnerness that is usually associated with CBD pastes. Our CBD paste wholesale UK deals have an MOQ of 15 units for branded items, and a MOQ of 100 units for the white label CBD paste. We are very confident that this is by far the finest wholesale CBD paste that you can purchase in the UK – and we are not the only ones who think so!

CBD Oil Wholesale UK

When searching for wholesale CBD oils online, it can be a little bit of a minefield. Quite often you have no idea what you are buying and even the most legit looking companies may not be offering something substandard. We aren’t the cheapest, we know that an order quantity of 100 is quite high but we know that everything we provide is market beating standard and we are proud of it. 

The CBD oil wholesale UK market is awash with cheap oils that are not properly batch tested, may not be compliant with current UK laws and could potentially be harmful. This is not to scare you, this is a fact. It is hard to trust anybody in this market right now. 

One thing you can count on is that our oils are true full spectrum, organic and created specifically to be as effective as possible. If you are looking for no nonsense, provably effective and lab tested CBD oil – you know where we are.

Vape & CBD Crumble Wholesale

We have just launched our fantastic range of cannabis extracts and concentrates: This includes a broad-spectrum CBD crumble and a range of CBD vape cartridges. Each have been flavoured using terpene blends to mimic Stardawg (sativa), Wedding Cake (Indica), Tangerine Dream (Sativa), Zkittlez (Indica) and Mimosa (Sativa). 


We currently offer discounts on branded wholesale CBD crumble orders, and branded vape cartridges.

How to become a CBD Oil Distributor UK