3000mg & 4000mg CBD Oil | What is the Strongest CBD Oil I Can Take?

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3000mg & 4000mg CBD Oils

What is the Strongest CBD Oil I Can Take?

Despite a lot of demand for 3000mg (30%) and 4000mg (40%) CBD oils, there are not very many manufacturers producing these strengths. While for many manufacturers, these strengths will be quite easy to produce, most stop at strengths of 750mgs or 1000mgs (or max up to 1500mgs or 2000mgs).

To answer the question of what is the max strength you can take, there is no real answer in science, however, the Food Standard Agency has stated that the recommended daily intake should be no more than 70mgs. In all honesty, most people do not need as much CBD as they may think.

Cannabis extracts have been considered to be harmful and illegal for as long as we can remember; now suddenly they have the potential for a mind-bending array of well-being outcomes. If you read the news- it is littered with stories of people whose lives have been changed by a humble compound known as CBD. Research is currently underway to understand the medical benefits of cannabis products and which conditions they can impact.

So, let’s get into why 3000mg & 4000mg CBD oils are popular, and why we ourselves do not offer oils at this strength.


Explaining the Popularity

For most of us, we have a perception that a higher dose of something, means more benefits. This thought process explains why some customers are searching out the strongest CBD oil that they can find as they feel that they require lots of CBD.

It is important to point out that this is not the case with CBD. Cannabinoids work to maintain a network of receptors that we know as the Endocannabinoid System (which is part of our body’s ability to achieve homeostasis). It seems as though our ECS only uses as much CBD as it needs and for some people, 1mg works just as well as 100mgs. The required dose varies from person to person.

We are finding out, that most people do not need any more than a regular dose of a couple of milligrams a day (especially if the tincture is full-spectrum)- which means that for most people, 500mg or 1000mg will do the job. You do not need to splash out on a £200 bottle if a full-spectrum CBD oil at half the strength has the same effect.

In fact – most 3000mg & 4000mg CBD oils are often ‘broad-spectrum’ and do not contain THC (which helps your body use the CBD) so are arguable not as effective as their ‘full spectrum’ counterparts. So is it really worth spending over the odds for something that your body doesn’t need?


Dangers of High Doses of CBD

In medical studies, the doses that are being used can be up to 500mgs per day. What these medical trials are looking at is not only the potential benefits of massive CBD doses but also looking into what harm it can potentially cause/ interactions it may cause. While there currently is no evidence of harmful overdose or negative side effects, we simply don’t know the short/long term impact of this amount of CBD. There is a worry that large amounts of CBD can build up toxicity inside our bodies, or fundamentally changes the way that our body works. Particularly if you are taking regular medication, then it may be a worry that a huge dose of CBD can have a potentially nasty outcome.

As it stands, the Food Standards Agency state that you should not consume more than 70mgs a day (down from 200mgs). A lot of the super-strength 3000mg & 4000mg CBD oils take you dangerously close to this threshold. Most bottles are 10mls with 200 drops. 5 drops of a 3000mg CBD oil will take you over the threshold, and 4 drops of a 4000mg CBD oil will do the same.


Should I Buy a 3000mg or 4000mg CBD Oil?

If you ask us, no. As we have mentioned above, most people do not need any more than 1000mgs of full-spectrum CBD or a 2000mg CBD oil. If you are looking for a huge dose of CBD, then we would recommend that you start low and work up to it. There is no evidence to suggest that more CBD is better than a small amount so you really just need to find out what works best for you- in the long run, this could save you a huge amount of money and time!